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Beast Mode: Why The Name Body Beast?

So there’s been a lot of posts about Body Beast around here lately and for good reason– I’m excited about it simply because Body Beast is a great program built specifically for the guys and gals who want to put on lean muscle. Period. Body Beast is minimal cardio, maximum resistance training using super sets, drop sets and giant sets to incorporate all muscle fibers for max growth… naturally.

I’ve been going through the Body Beast workouts and there’s not doubt– Body Beast is focused, hard-core training. I’m a regular sweat-fest when it’s all said and done. And as for work? I’m sore in places I haven’t been sore in quite a while. And while program designer Sagi Kalev isn’t the goofy/intense personality powerhouse like Tony Horton or Shaun T., he’s a super nice, very gracious guy who gets down to business, knows what he’s doing and genuinely wants you to see results.

Is Body Beast For You?

First off, Body Beast is strictly a mass building program. It’s designed to work you, feed you and shock your muscles into getting bigger. Still, mass building won’t happen overnight. You may not look like trainer Sagi Kalev at the end of 90 days (or ever if you’re a woman) unless you’ve already got that mass hiding under fat. But you WILL build muscle and gain it as fast as naturally possible (roughly 2 lbs. lean mass per month). If you’re looking for cardio conditioning, Body Beast probably isn’t for you. If you’re looking for athletic performance, Body Beast may not be for you either. While Body Beast does have a cardio component and can get the heart rate up, those are outliers in the quest for putting on lean muscle.  In short, Body Beast is for strength and looking good in our out of a T-shirt.

What Is A “Body Beast”?

It’s probably fair to say Body Beast is obviously geared toward the male crowd. BUT… there’s no doubt women can benefit too. Ladies… don’t be scared off by all the testosterone… the women who’ve tried this program really enjoy it and to be honest… most of the athletic models you see pinned around on Pinterest and fitness magazine covers lift heavy weights. And most people would be hard-pressed to call them “Beastly”.

That said… Beast probably isn’t the image most ladies are going for, so let’s put that aside and focus on the definition: What is a “Beast”? Hint, think “Beast Mode”. Not so much a hairy, bulky, roid-raged slobberfest as someone focused on results and tapping into the power to make it happen. Here’s the official Body Beast definition:

Being a Beast is about finding your purpose. When you have purpose, you have more strength, power, ability, and tools with which to tackle everyday life. When you believe in your purpose, nothing can stand in your way.

And honestly, isn’t that what we’re all after? A better machine with which to power through life and maybe look a little better while doing it?

If you’re interested in Body Beast, we’ve got a challenge group coming and I’ll fill you in on all the details on how to join and make it happen. Here’s the preliminary details… I’ll have Body Beast Challenge Specifics in short order.

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