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Body Beast- Before And After Results

Body Beast has been covered pretty extensively here on How Do I Get Fit. We know what it’s about— Putting on Muscle and building mass. We know the heavy-lifting, muscle-pumping equipment we’ll need. We also know the baseline supplement list we’ll need to support muscle growth and repair (code name: hypertrophy). But the real key- what everyone’s after and what it all boils down to… what kind of results can I expect?

Body Beast Results- What To Expect

Like any program, you’re going to get out of Body Beast what you put in. Train hard, get your nutrition lined up (and here you’ll be eating not at a deficit but at a surplus– possibly even 4000+ calories at some point depending on your size and goals) and “lift big”. Putting on natural mass is a process. For most healthy individuals, an expectation of 2 pounds of lean mass per month is pretty commendable. Mass takes time and while this is a 90 day program, you’ll learn the training techniques that will get you to size and strength gains at 90 days and beyond.

Body Beast Results- The Before And Afters

On average, individuals using the Body Beast program put on about 10 lbs. of lean muscle mass in 90 days– at a little more than 3 pounds per month all natural, that’s pretty impressive. To get an idea on how 90 days of Body Beast results might play out for you, here’s a few before and after photos from the Body Beast Test group. All the before and after images feature guys coming at this program from various start points. They vary from seasoned lifters who were already big and focused on making subtle physique changes to to hard gainers and those in between. Personally, I’m most impressed with the skinny guys who packed on serious mass. Check it out:

Body Beast Results- The Skinny Guys

Body Beast Results- The Body Builders

Body Beast Results- The Normal Joe

Not too shabby, especially considering the point I made earlier about mass taking time and starting points for each individual. The fact some of these guys made mass gains WHILE cutting fat is pretty impressive even if they don’t look like body builders right out of the gate. That kind of physique takes time and in only 90 days these guys have built a pretty impressive foundation to literally build from. No matter where you start, Body Beast is going to deliver results.

If you missed the link above, here’s the details on the Body Beast program.

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  1. MC says:

    Strangely enough, it seems like the guys who did best with Body Beast are the guys who need it least, i.e. the bodybuilder types.

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hey MC! I’d say visually the “need it least” achieved “Body Builder” results because at their base, they’d been body building for some time and refined that experience by leaning out and adding some extra mass.

      The guys I’m most impressed with are the hard-gainers who put on some real visual mass. A few more rounds and they’d be closing the gap with those body builders.

  2. jim says:

    Does BB come with steroids? or do you have to buy them seperately?

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Zing! Hey Jim– it’s all natural. Beachbody won’t have anything to do with those steroid shenanigans. You’ll never turn into Sagi in 90 days as dudes like him have been building and training for years to look that big (the natural ones, anyway). The results you see here- particularly the guys who were already skinny, are results you can expect… and all steroid free.

    • Andre says:

      hahahaha good one jim i was thinkin the same thing

  3. Daniel says:

    What age do you recommend starting this program? Like what do you think is the youngest age that someone can complete these workouts?

  4. Colt says:

    Will bb get me bigger muscles than p90x? Even if your doing p90x for mass

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hey Colt!

      This is totally dependent on your nutrition, your body and intensity. Neither can guarantee bigger muscles, though Body Beast is specifically designed for mass building and following either program will results in muscle gain. But you, specifically, getting “bigger muscles” is dependent on your effort in either program as both rely on progressive overload to build muscle.

      Have you picked up Body Beast?

  5. Dawn says:


    I am currently on my first week of Body Beast. I absolutely love it!! Makes no difference that it is geared for males. I am almost a 42 year old female and will be putting on more muscle with this program. In the past I have used P90x and Insanity…none of those even compare to Body Beast!!! I am addicted and can’t wait to see my results in less than 90 days!! woot woot

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Awesome, Dawn! You’re absolutely right- this program will benefit anyone who does it. Double woot!

  6. Jake says:

    Hey Dan! I’m starting Body Beast after I finish Asylum Vol 2 in about a month. I’m 5’11, 155lb, with about 13-15% BF (abs JUST starting toshow through). The Body Beast calculations have me at around 2,700 calories, and I normally maintain at 1900-2000. Sound good to you? Can’t wait to get started!

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hey Jake- congrats on your closing in on V2’s completion and your prep to BEAST UP. Generally, your maintenance calories look a little low (deficit-level) if you’re doing a program to boot so the 2700 looks about right for a “Lean Beast” track. As I always say- trust the program. They’re designed by some pretty competent people.

  7. chris says:

    Hey Dan-
    Did you complete the HUGE beast or the LEAN beast?

    sencondly, what would you recommend for a skinny fat guy? Needs to lose a couple pounds of fat but wants a lean muscular figure – think brad pitt in fight club.

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hey Chris-

      I completed lean Beast but bulked up regardless. For a “skinny fat” guy, Beast could certainly put on mass. Any of the X programs- P90X, P90X2 or even 3 could get you into that Brad Pitt Fight club look as they’d keep you lean but get you defined with some mass additions.

  8. Andre says:

    hey dan what should i do?? i’m virtully a rail at 6’3, 150pounds. i play basketball and run and am 18yrs old. tired of trying to find shirts and pants long enough but not to big in the shoulders or waist. (heck i may need a belt for shorts soon) my goal is to build some mass/bulk up. been thinking about doing sometype of bulk modified p90x2 schedule as i want to improve athletic performace as well as gain weight and muscle. though i could probalbly just do this through diet, id just like to see what you think… thx for your suggestions!;)

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hey Andre!

      Great goal on mass! I don’t think the two goals (athleticism and mass) are mutually exclusive but P90X2 isn’t a mass gaining program. You can certainly put on some muscle but it may be that you put on some mass and then use P90X2 to boost athleticism of that newfound muscle. Or, as you mentioned, you eat in accordance with your goals. Eat LOTS. X2 will boost your athleticism just by way of the program.

      • Andre says:

        thanks dan! what are you up to these days? doing body beast?

        • Coach Dan V. says:

          I am, actually! Going for them gaaaainnzzzz. Hahaha. How’s the nutrition?

          • Andre says:

            Good man, i usually eat about 3,000 calories a day on average and i’m not gaining any weight. Do you have to bulk up before you try to gain muscle mass? I feel like you do before you can get really good results, because I see all these overweight start outs ending up looking better than the already fit skinny guys… as far as nutrition in general i eat really healthy.(basically cut out sugar except natural sugar)

          • Coach Dan V. says:

            That’s most likely because 3000 is probably close to maintenance level for a guy at 6’3. The bulking up is the mass gaining. You don’t need to fatten up- you want to make lean gains- adding muscle with a minimum of fat. You can do that with a slight caloric surplus. I’d say bump up by 300 calories or so and see how you do after a couple weeks. You also need to be aware of your macros- protein, fats and carbs that make up the total calories.

  9. Andre says:

    Haha yeah just enough to get through the day lol, yeah but i will definatley try your suggestions thank you! Have you tried all beachbody’s programs?? which one is your fav btw? and why?

  10. Dr. Cockson MD says:

    I have watched the commercials. This program is all about hormone therapy, they are using different marketing factors to promote the product. Plus the models are certainly on dangerous supplements like creatine, anabolic steroids, and a host of other uncontrolled illegal medications. Possibly Winstrol to cut the fat, and Quinapril to lean out the muscle bed to give the shredded look in a short time frame. From my many years of weight training and medical background, it is obvious there are chemicals at work with this “Miracle” program. I would hate to see the fasting glucose levels of these kids, which most probably well into the 165 range. In my 25 years as an internist I have never seen such dramatic changes in any of my younger patients trying to do what “The Program” says they can do. When I do see them making changes similar to Body Beast in my patients I request a full panel of lab tests, including urine to be done. And yes my younger patients do come to me worried about the “Drugs” they have taken due to the side effects. So by reviewing the labs, I can tell what substances they have taken and it gives me a baseline on how to bring my patients hormone levels back to normal. This program is a dangerous scam to say the least, much like regenix.

  11. your joking right says:

    Sagi has been doped up for longer than I can remember. Dude used to brag about being a chemist. Stop scamming the common folk, its really getting old. Gimmick workouts and sets don’t work like magic, but know what does? Steroids. They are amazing and what’s being used by the men and women in the body beast infomercial.

  12. brian says:

    started bb i am on week2 block 2 saw results fast in block 1 but seem to be stalling and getting flabber with block 2 and haveing trouble getting threw the work out, any suggestions?

  13. Big White says:

    Hey I am interested in purchasing Body Beast program. But I have some reservations hope someone can shed some light. Question is I am a big guy can I use this program to lose weight and build muscle at the same time? Now let me talk a little about where I am at. I am 6’7″ and use to weigh 439 lbs. I have been dieting and exercising in a gym (full body workout similar to P90X and Insanity). I currently weigh 360 lbs. lost 79 lbs. in 5 months. However, I do not like the gym I am at and left. When I was there I enjoyed lifting weights the most. Would this program be for me?

  14. Aspen Maroney says:

    Can you tell me if this workout will give me the results I want. I want to be in shape and toned but I don’t want to be buff and look like a guy.

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hi Aspen-

      Truth: you won’t look like a guy. Results are all up to you but the look you’re going for is very possible with this program.

  15. Alex says:

    Hi Dan , I was wondering I am 5’6″ on the heavy side, will this program help me slim down?

  16. Skinny says:

    Hey dan. I AM a rail. I’m about 6’2 or 6’3 at about 170 lbs. I am strong in the sense of being a bull at work. I do landscaping and pack massive blocks of wood and shovel palm trees out of the ground and pack bricks and everything in between. But I am Skinny. Like SKINNY skinny. My collarbone pokes out. A bone in between my chest that protrudes. Bony shoulders. Just a skinny guy. I’ve never had ripped muscles. Ever. Just never hit the gym or trained to get them. Just thought it would kinda come to me as I got older like most guys and here I am 20 years old and still skinny as a rail. My girlfriend doesn’t even like to lay her head on my chest because I’m skinny and my shoulder bone hurts her. She doesn’t care I don’t guess but its made me so self conscious I’m ready for a full committed life change. So my question is. If I follow this program verbatim..and I mean to the letter…will I see results. I mean not taking a day off. Following the diet. Buying whey. Vitamins. The whole 9 yards. Will I get some ripped muscles. I’m not tryin to look as big as a body builder. Just trying to get muscled up a little beef on me.

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