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Body Beast: Beachbody’s Complete Mass Building Program

With a name like Body Beast, you KNOW bodybuilding is in the mix so let me say this: All P90X Mass gainers, your prayers have been answered. If you’ve nailed your goals of getting ripped and adding muscle, now it’s time to get big.

There’s been rumors of a Beachbody Mass/Body Building program swirling around since Body Building champion Sagi “Mr. Israel” Kalev began meeting, talking and training with the Beachbody crew. As a result, Before P90X2’s release, many (including me) prognosticated a mass building track to be included with P90X2. Obviously, that wasn’t the case but now all has been revealed: Body Beast is its own workout program…  a beast with a laser focus on body building.

Body Beast Workout: Old School Meets New School

No question P90X can build mass but as a holistic fitness program, P90X was never designed to build huge mass exclusively. Body Beast, on the other hand, is formatted for beefing up using both “Old-School” (classic, mass building moves and free weights) and “New School” (some cardio, 4-5 days of training, macronutrient tracking) bodybuilding techniques to exclusively build muscle. And not just muscle, but the kind you build for the “bodybuilding look” without getting into the dangers of steroids.

Body Beast is designed to get anyone started in building mass: whether you’ve been in the fitness game for years or you’re just starting, Body Beast was designed to get the novice in through the doors and adding muscle mass in short order. On its release, you can bet Body Beast will come out of the gate strong with a comprehensive body-building program, nutritional approach and supplementation line.

The Body Beast Workout Designer: Brains and Brawn

Body Beast is being designed and refined by Sagi Kalev— a well known bodybuilder who won two “Mr. Israel” titles and who also went on to  earn a college degree in physical education with a minor in nutrition. After modeling and competing, Kalev co-founded a gym in Dallas, Texas and put experience and education to work:

“… as a dedicated fitness expert, personal trainer and nutrition counselor [Kalev] has helped hundreds of people prepare to win both national and international competitions including Fitness Model America, MuscleMania®, Model America, the Europa Super Show, NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic, and more.”

Body Beast utilizes Kalev’s techniques and methodology to build a pro-level physique. You can expect his trademark training philosophy: “My goal is not to be the biggest. It’s to be the best.”

Is The Body Beast Workout For You?

If you’re looking to incorporate a bodybuilding program into your home fitness, the door is open. If you’d like to improve health while adding serious muscle strength and build without going to the gym, the door is open. If you want to avoid the synthetic world of bodybuilding and focus on the most natural form of bodybuilding possible… you guessed it, the door is open. Focused, world-class training and support from Team Kalev and Beachbody.

Hello, game changer.

Body Beast Workout Pre-Order And Release

I’ve got it on good authority the Body Beast Workout will release mid-year/summer 2012. The workouts are shot and in the can, so it’s definitely in the pipe. Once pre-order comes available, I’ll let you know ASAP. Sign up for free coaching here and be the first to know Body Beast details as they arrive. 

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  1. Benjamin Vinton says:

    Definitely going to be looking forward to this!

  2. Flash Flashman says:

    It really sounds a great programme and one ive wanted for a long time.
    My only concern is the euipment side as i have seen in the back ground shots squat stands barbells etc
    What equipment will be needed to get MAX BENIFIT ?

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