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Add Variety and A Good Butt-Kicking With The Asylum

What’s the hardest workout you’ve ever done? No, I’m not talking about the hardest “I hated every second of it so I hit it with a shovel and buried it in the back yard under the hydrangeas”– I mean the hardest workout you’ve loved, gritted, sweat and worked through and came out the other side saying “I can’t wait to do that again”?

I don’t think I’d be the first (or last) to say The Asylum fits neatly into that box as far as I’m concerned. And that pretty much boils down to these reasons:

Rest? Forget it.

Intensity? You got it.

Variety? Yes, please.

I’m coming to the close of my Body Beast schedule and quite honestly, I’m kind of chomping at the bit to get back into The Asylum. If you’re unfamiliar, The  Asylum is the follow-up to Insanity…. but as Shaun T. himself says, “This is not Insanity.” Sure Asylum is still Insanity “in spirit” but my personal opinion is that it’s a better program by way of variety, focus and intensity. In short, it’s the next step… and thanks to a focus on speed, coordination, balance, agility and power, I believe it’s a better one. Running through the program feels more like “fun sports drills” than a killer “do a million pushups in 30 second… go”. Which is kind of genius. The moves, after all, are still killer.

“True enough, THE ASYLUM isn’t INSANITY; it’s a sequel to that program, and it’s designed to take things to the next level. But THE ASYLUM actually isn’t harder so much as it’s different… Sports are just games that highlight human function, so nonspecific athletic training is simply exercise that helps you perform various life tasks more effectively.”

When and How Do I Use Asylum?

Asylum can be thrown into the mix at any point but do keep in mind it’s a post-graduate program. IE- post P90X and post- Insanity and post TurboFire (all considered graduate programs). It’s taking the endurance and athleticism and conditioning these programs give you and ratcheting up the challenge.

There’s myriad ways to use Asylum… here’s a few:

Add Variety

The great thing about The Asylum is that while it’s both fun and intense, it’s also pretty adaptable. Want to switch up the game with Insanity? Add an Asylum hybrid. Tired of P90X Cardio workouts (or getting too easy?)- add The Asylum. As it’s a 30 day program, The Asylum is pretty specific. Its workouts can easily fit into an established workout mix.

Get Fit Fast

Want to work on conditioning and get fit fast  in a 30 day Hell Week style? You got it- The Asylum.

“THE ASYLUM is for when the season is about to start and you have to get ready as fast as possible—when there’s no time to systematically tear you down and build you back up. It has to happen now, so you want to target strength, speed, coordination, flexibility, and stamina all at once.  There’s no time to mess around.”

Get that Athletic Physique

Asylum isn’t just about getting skinny or losing fat. You’re improving athletic function… and when you improve athletic function, your body starts adding muscle carving in ways that look, well… athletic:

The thing about sports training is that body composition changes happen naturally. You’re not bodybuilding, per se; you’re just making your body more athletic. And the human body, in order to function well, tends to add muscle to places that look natural, balanced, and attractive. There’s a reason why the most popular ancient statues are of athletes.

Athletes Train With The Asylum (For Reals)

There’s a bit of marketing here but Asylum is the real deal, as evidenced below:

Loathe or like Ms. Solo, she’s an athlete and this program? It trains athletes:

With The Asylum Volume II hitting in a month or so, now’s the time to give Asylum Volume I a try. And at only 30 days (and at a 30 day program price of $90 that includes an agility ladder, jump rope two hybrid plans and if you buy from HDIGF, 3 free resistance bands used in Vertical Plyo and back To Core)… the payoff is quick and a steal.

You can pick up The Asylum here if you’re interested.

As for Volume II… this kid can’t wait:

As I always say, no man/woman is a fitness island and success grows exponentially with support. Stay on track and receive personal tips and advice by adding me as your free coach and mentor right here.

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