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Asylum: Volume 2

Oh, it’s on. Asylum: Volume 2 is here!

If you tackled Insanity: The Asylum, you know it was easily one of the most challenging, yet unbelievably fun workouts you may have ever done in your life. And the fact you’ve got athletes like Apolo Ohno and Hope Solo using it… it’s legit. As you may have noticed, Asylum is noted as “Volume 1″… and now the next 30 days of Asylum sports training fitness has arrived: Asylum: VOLUME 2– the next 30 days of training designed to get you faster, stronger and punch your endurance and athleticism into pro territory.

And bonus… it’s only $59.85.

I’ve already purchased my copy– you with me?

ASYLUM: VOLUME 2 Workouts:

Asylum is a compact program with hardcore workouts. But as an unabashed fan, they’re LEGIT and a lot of fun. The tradition continues: with Asylum Volume 2:

  • X Trainer. Focus on speed, strength, power, and agility with this varied action sequence workout. Bring a mop to clean up when you’re finished. (50 minutes)
  • Upper Elite. Upper body training, yo. Dynamic training sets build your upper body and includes a weight component designed to get you built  for intimidation before the game even begins. (60 minutes)
  • Ab Shredder. Ab-centric workout that says “peace out” to crunches and sit-ups and goes for insane plank and core engagement moves for real shreddage and power. (20 minutes)
  • Power Legs. Thought Vertical Plyo was tough? Welcome to the next level as Shaun T. punishes your entire lower body with this maximum muscle-recruitment workout.   (55 minutes)
  • Back & 6-Pack. Build a lean, strong center with this 360-degree workout. These core-crushing moves will help you blow past your limits. (40 minutes)
  • Championship + Bonus! Fit Test (Sudden Death OT). Get ready to pursue THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Championship. And this time, you get to put the Fit Test at the END! (60 minutes)
  • Off-Day Stretch. Relieve your aching muscles, improve your flexibility, and refocus your mind—so you’re ready to crush it in your next competition. (30 minutes)
  • Agility Tutorial. The new agility moves are pretty complicated at the outset– this is to help you master them! Get a step-by-step breakdown of Shaun’s 8 mind-twisting agility moves, so you’ll be a pro when it comes time to hop in the ladder. (25 minutes)

HDIGF BONUS: If you order here at, you also get a FREE bonus workout not in the regular package: Pure Contact!

  • Pure Contact. Shaun T improves your running, jumping, and agility skills by helping to perfect your form and control when you contact the ground. This pro athlete workout helps you prevent injury, and makes your moves quicker, sharper, and more explosive than ever. (20 minutes)

Asylum Volume 2: The Tools

  • The Playbook. Map out your next 30 days of extraordinary body transformation with this step-by-step smart guide to maximizing Asylum 2’s potential.
  • Get Shredded Volume 2. Asylum had a pretty awesome nutrition guide- clean, easy and flexible. Build on that with  Asylum 2’s nutrition guide. Don’t just train elite. EAT ELITE with Shaun T.’s favorite recipes.
  • 3-Step Quick-Start Guide. This will have you jumping out of your seat to Push Play. It’s the fastest way to join Shaun T and the rest of Team ASYLUM.
  • 30-day THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Wall Calendar. Stay committed to seeing exceptional results by crossing off each day’s workout as you go. ALSO includes a 60-day THE ASYLUM Volume 1/Volume 2 Hybrid Calendar. Make your Asylum experience a 60 day challenge.

Asylum Volume 2: How To Order

Hands down, the Asylum series is in the top running for my favorite Beachbody program. I regularly use it hybrids with P90X and on its own when I really want to not only carve up but improve athletically as well.  Ready to carve up and have fun doing it? Click below:

Of course, if you’re interested in jumping on the bandwagon for free coaching support with Asylum Volume 2, you can do it all right here.

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