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How Many Calories Do YOU Need?

Calories can make your head explode. Not literal, Big Trouble In Little China head explode… but maybe “Ain’t nobody got time for that” explode. Net calories, deficits, calorie burn, calorie macros, calorie timing, surplus… I’m breaking a sweat just typing it all out.
So let’s forget all the calorie noise for just a minute and keep […]

P90X3 Preview: P90X3 Questions Answered

P90X3 has a lot of people excited. And rightly so. P90X and P90X2 have delivered a lot of legitimate, life-changing results and with the promise of P90X3 delivering the same in 30 minutes? It’s like a dream come true.
The real revolution here is  P90X3 becoming efficient as science and physiology allows– making it as “easy” […]

Spotters In Action- Real Fitness, Real Inspiration

We’ve got some great people on the HDIGF Fit Spot team, or as we like to call them “Spotters”. People who inspire others, make it a point to extend a hand and live the mantra “Do Your Best and Forget the Rest”.
So of course, it begs the question… “If you were to boil down your […]

Focus T25- Is It The Fitness Program For You?

Focus T25 is a workout designed and totally focused on revolutionizing the way you think about fitness results and the time spent achieving them. SWEET!
That said, as many as have loved it and achieved killer results, I’ve had individuals who decided it wasn’t quite up their alley. Of course, that’s not saying the program isn’t […]

XBOX Fitness: P90X, Insanity and The Power of Kinect

Love or hate the new XBOX One (gamer or not), a recently leaked page on Xbox’s website has revealed something P90X and Insanity fans should be pretty stoked about: P90X and Insanity (courtesy of Tony Horton and Shaun T) are both coming, in part, to XBOX One via XBOX Fitness:
Introducing the future of fitness. Experience […]

Why Add Protein To Shakeology?

Shakeology- I’m a big proponent. You can read in more detail about why Shakeology works for me but today we received a great question about how I use it. I’ve been asked about this so often, I’m surprised- and even a little disappointed– that I haven’t made a post out of it… until today.
So I’ve […]

P90X 3 Details: Fast Is The New Awesome

P90X3 is ramping up for its release which means, as promised, more detail for HDIGF P90X fans!
As noted in the first P90X 3 Announcement here at HDIGF, P90X3 is out to change the game… again. And while we know P90X delivers results like it’s nobody’s biz, one of the “complaints” I get is that some […]

Fit 2 FAQ: Weight Loss Boobs and Vegan Recovery

OK, honestly, I never thought I’d be using the word “boobs” in a post title or as anything but a reference my my pre-P90X “man-maries” but sure enough, there it is: “boobs” in big ol’ b’s and o’s.  But hey, if we can’t talk honestly and maturely about fitness and its effects, what can we […]

Why I Use Shakeology: A Blender, A Bag and Breakfast

I know Shakeology is one of those things: you see its value or you don’t. Personally, I use it as go-to staple of of my nutrition plan. I’m a big proponent. Not just because I’m a Coach (I started using Shakeology long before that— especially with its “bottom of the bag guarantee”… IE- don’t like/doesn’t […]

Results Frustration: “I’m “X” Weeks Into My Program And I Still Look The Same!”

If there’s one common point of frustration when it comes to fitness, it’s this: “I’ve been working out every day since I got my program. I’m now [2-6 weeks] into my program and I haven’t seen any change in my [weight, measurements, mirror]. I’m so frustrated I could eat my heart rate monitor!”
If you’re feeling […]