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P90X3: Free Swag + Apps

With P90X3 just a few days away, I thought I’d hit on some highlights of the program- a few of the details. After all, we know P90X3 is going to work. We know it’s going to deliver 30 minutes of high intensity “Oh hai, six-pack” workouts with a library of varied moves heretofore unseen in an X program.

“But what else… is about it?”

FREE P90X3 Hat December 10- December 31

When you order P90X3 from How Do I Get Fit or your Team Beachbody account from the day of release through December 31, you’re going to get a free hat. And not just some dumb, floppy fisherman hat with the pull tab closure in the back. We’re talking a thick, pro quality ball cap. As an official ball cap aficionado the styling does not disappoint:


In short, you aren’t going to be wearing  a floppy lump of dough-looking fabric with a bill on your head. It’s actually COOL.

The hat comes with all P90X3 purchases (including Challenge Packs).

The P90X3 App… on Android AND IPhone

If you’re familiar with the P90X App that’s available at the Apple App Store, you know it’s the goods. If you’re an Android user (like me) YOUR WAIT WILL SOON BE OVER. The P90X app will be available at the Play store on December 10 as well… WITH the P90X3 addition module. Apple will be a bit later (no firm date yet) but you know it’s coming! Track workouts and take X3 mobile.

P90X3 Challenge Pack Pricing

P90X3 is being released out of the gate as a discounted Challenge pack: $180. That’s P90X3, Shakeology and that hat. The basic program only is the usual $120. Challenge Packs are the best way to buy Beachbody programs- you get the fitness and the nutrition with Shakeology and it’s always discounted and much less than buying them independently. Truth be told, I wish they’d had it when I was first kicking off P90X a few years back. Either way, my investment in the “X” program was one of the best I’ve ever made… and one that’s paid for itself over and over.

Kick P90X3 off RIGHT. Plug in and stay accountable. As a Diamond P90X Pro Certified Coach. I’m here with a team to help you do just that. Hit me up at and/or add me as your free personal coach for extra support and exclusive access to the friendly, private and all around kick-butt  “Dan V.’s Fit Spot!” You can also find me on Facebook, Google + and Pinterest. 

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