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P90X 3 Details: Fast Is The New Awesome

P90X3 is ramping up for its release which means, as promised, more detail for HDIGF P90X fans!

As noted in the first P90X 3 Announcement here at HDIGF, P90X3 is out to change the game… again. And while we know P90X delivers results like it’s nobody’s biz, one of the “complaints” I get is that some people want the workouts shorter. I get it. There’s a few that you kind of think, “Does this HAVE to be 60 minutes?”

The answer is now, officially… NO.

P90X 3: P90X In 30 Minutes

T30 minutes? That’s not how long it’s going to take me to explain this to you- that’s the length of the workout, like the condensed Shaun T. fun that is T25, this is P90X condensed into 30 minute blocks to get you results in less time a day. Check out the video for bonafide, P90X style results that come from P90X 3:

P90X 3: What Is It?

As you can see from the sizzle reel above, you’ll be kicking it with some old P90X move favorites, along with some new stuff Mr. Horton always has up his sleeve. You know, if he wore them. It’s P90X style fitness, with P90X2 style cutting edge science wrapped up in a P90X3 condensed time package.

Of course, at 30 minutes, this isn’t the P90X style workout you’re probably used to. It’s not labelled as “Graduate” like P90X and allows those who’ve wanted to come into P90X, those who might want to maintain their results and those maybe somewhere in the middle to get a P90X workout in record time… and obviously, get the same record results.

No doubt that time change-up will create some changes in the traditional P90X calorie calculator, but regardless, you know if you follow the plan, you’re going to love the results.


P90X 3: How Long Is The Program?

Well, it wouldn’t be called P90X if it was anything less than 90 days. P90X 3 is no different. P90X 3 is broken down into 3 training blocks, as any good periodized, progress-based program should be.


P90X 3: What Are The Workouts Like?

One of the great things about the X series is the fact it’s based on variety with a solid resistance training base. And in P90X, there’s variety by the boatload. Twenty one flavors of workout variety in all. MMA style workouts, resistance workouts, cardio workouts, plyometric-style workout and you know there’s going to be some stretch/Yoga stuff in there… 30 minute Yoga… could it be!?


Stay tuned to find out as I’ll keep you up to date with more details as they come in.

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