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P90X Plus

Looking for MORE P90X? Want to take P90x “Round II” beyond a simple repeat performance? Ready to switch it up and vary your P90X workouts with some serious Extreme body challenges? Time to graduate to P90X +! Tony Horton takes your P90X workouts to the next level with brand-new moves and never-before-seen workouts.



The NEW P90X Plus will break through plateaus with intense new cardio, muscle chiseling, and ab/core-ripping moves. Adding these new advanced workouts into your P90X rotation will literally TAKE YOUR WORKOUT TO THE NEXT LEVEL and create workout combinations beyond your imagination.

P90X Plus series INCLUDES:

5 NEW X-treme Workouts on 4 DVDs:

Interval X Plus
Propels your heart rate up and down with 3 speeds, creating more dramatic change in the shortest period of time. (40 minutes)

Kenpo Cardio Plus
Advanced Kenpo with new moves builds stamina, balance, and agility while shredding the most stubborn layer of fat. (40 minutes)

Upper Plus
This monster upper-body workout will blast all your muscles from the hips on up in a completely synergistic way. (45 minutes)

Total Body Plus
By adding new synergistic moves, your muscles get pumped, then recuperate in stages until you’ve got nothing left. (45 minutes)

Abs/Core Plus
Four different positions to intensify your ab work and shred your midsection even faster. (20 minutes)

Plus Bonus Tools to X-celerate Your Results! with fully customized workout schedules showing you how to incorporate your new P90X Plus workouts into your complete system.

Fitness Guide

Downloadable Worksheets to record your reps and sets and track your progress!

DVD Extras – Tony’s Trainer Tracks with detailed professional tips on every move to help you achieve perfect form and even better results!

Coach Dan’s P90X Plus Review:

If I was into polygamy and P90X could say “Yes” to a proposal, I’d probably marry it. Still, as Tony often says, “Variety is the spice of life” and it’s no different with your workouts. 12 straight weeks of Legs and Back and Plyometrics, no matter how fun, can make a guy/gal yearn for a little switch-up… and as you might expect, P90X + delivers the goods. Tony sheds the coddling and gets right down to business– you know the routine by now and he’s not waiting around for you. Warmups are faster, workouts are shorter and the pace is a step up from the P90X you’re used to.

The package comes with 4 DVDs and five workouts. Tired of swinging your arms with the same left, right, hook, uppercut? Welcome to Kenpo Cardio Plus, a jumping, moving intense version of Kenpo that’s fun with a capital “F”. Upper Body Plus throws you into Core Synergistics for steel belted hot shots and Abs/Core Plus makes Ab Ripper X feel like a relaxing dip in the hot tub as you shred your core with the help of dumbbells and a pullup bar. Interval X is a huffing-puffing interval (did you get that?) workout that’s a burning, sweat-wringing pace through a double set of excercises that steadily increase in intensity within each set as you move from slow to medium to “I just wanna breathe, Tony!”

If you’re looking for new resistance workouts, you won’t find many here. This series is a fat shredder.

Personally, I’ve used it to vary up my P90X Classic routine by replacing Legs and Back with Upper Plus,  rotating Abs/Core Plus with Ab Ripper X and  subbing Kenpo Cardio Plus and Interval X Plus for Kenpo X and Plyo.  Either way you go about it, they’re a great investment–one I purchased myself– and highly recommend.


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