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Free Coaching (IE- Making Dan or Mari-Catherine your Beachbody coach)

Whether you’re starting P90X, Insanity or any other Beachbody program, jumping back on the bandwagon or simply looking to get “more shredded than a Julienne salad” so you can feel comfortable at the pool again, joining the How Do I Get Fit (HDIGF) team will put you in touch with personal, successful enthusiasts who can help maximize your success. We’ve done the programs, we’ve ironed the bugs out of understanding nutrition and maximizing the workouts and best of all, are still sweating through them every day.

As you probably know, making either of us your coach is 100% free. When you click  to make Dan or Mari-Catherine your coach, you’ll be asked to fill out a short form which sets up your FREE Team Beachbody account. Once registered, you’ll immediately be part of HDIGF!  Once you’re in, we’ll send you an email for confirmation, welcoming you to Team Beachbody and How Do I Get Fit. After that, we’re on the fast-track to Successville.

Coach Dan: is one of the first Officially Certified P90X Professionals in the world and has been through the ins and outs of P90X, P90X+, P90X One-on-One and Insanity.  Make Dan your coach today.

Coach Mari-Catherine: Both a certified group fitness instructor and motivational powerhouse, Mari-Catherine has dominated both P90X and Insanity and craves pushing herself past the point where grown men cry. If you’re a lady and have ever worried about getting thick and beefy, Mari-Catherine is living proof that’s not how it goes. She’s quick to tell you Insanity has given her the body she has today and wants to help you achieve the same. Make Mari-Catherine your coach today.

Want To Switch Coaches And Make Us Your Official Coach?

If you already have a Team Beachbody account, you’ve already been assigned a coach. If you’re not getting the love you deserve and want to join up with Dan or Mari-Catherine, you’ll have to make an official coach switch which is easy as 1-2-3:

To make the switch to Dan or Mari-Catherine, just shoot a one line email to telling them you want one of us to be your coach:

(DAN VINTON, coach # 59203:

(MARI-CATHERINE VINTON, coach # 64346:

Make sure to include your full name and email address. Also, make sure you CC: Dan or Mari-Catherine in the email. CC’ing will let us know you’ve made contact, which will allow us to up and ensure you’re hooked up!

Becoming A Coach Yourself!

If you’ve developed a hugging, smooching passion for P90X , Insanity, Shakeology and the Beachbody family–or the results you’ve achieved make your friends and family say “WOW”– becoming a Coach is a totally rewarding and inspiring way to keep plugged in and help others achieve success. If that’s you in a motivationally fit nutshell, becoming a Coach with us is probably for you.

You may have lots of questions (we did!) but if you’re ready to sign up as a Beachbody coach, contact us here and we’ll give you easy, step-by-step instructions on how to get started right.  As a note, please send us a “notice” email before signing up so we can make sure you receive the best placement and coordination on our growing team.  

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  1. Ezekiel Houle says:

    I wanted your insight on in home personal training? I just booked an online appointment with a personal trainer coming to my house at night for weight loss training session.. Have you ever had a personal trainer coming to your house?

  2. Danv says:

    Anything to keep you focused and informed on your personal fitness is a good thing!

    The beauty about the P90X and Insanity programs is that you don’t really need a personal trainer unless you’re trying to go above and beyond. For all intents and purposes, the programs guide you through your nutrition, form and workouts step by step. As coaches, we’re there to help as well.

    Still, we’ve got a good friend who is a personal trainer who’s also been a lot of help as we’ve refined our supplementing and nutrition. In fact, we’ll have him guest posting here in the near future. Look for it and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Eliana says:

    hello, I tried to do the change of coach by following the steps you suggested and it says the account is not a valid one.

    hope to hear from you

    best to you


    • Coach Dan V. says:

      That’s strange- it’s good to go. I’ll shoot you an email and we can get it figured out. :)

  4. Angela says:

    Hi, I tried to transfer coaches as well, but I received an email saying that the email could not be delivered because the user was “over quota”. Any tips?

  5. John says:

    I have purchased the program body beast. I am having difficulty down loading the app. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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