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Will I Lose Mass If I Do Insanity After P90X?

What is it with dudes and mass. We all want it, we all work for it and anything that could get in the way of our hard-earned gains is given the metaphorical concrete bath, thrown in a padlocked safe and tossed into the drink.

Thing is, your body is pretty efficient and if you’re training it and providing it with stimuli and proper nutrition, you’re going to be OK tackling Insanity after P90X. And truth be told, it’s a rare lady who thinks a think dude who can’t scratch his own butt or could double as a stand-in for a biology class vascular chart is where it’s at.

Still, we guys can cringe at the thought of cardio eating into our shirt-fitted bulkitude. Personally, I’m willing to sacrifice being “‘UGE” (and that’s relative) to retain some athletic edge. I enjoy running and not falling “weary” and walking stairs without growing faint. I like knowing I could jump into any pick-up game or “chased by a bear/angry mob of speedy zombies” challenge and go the distance.

I tend to pal around with the idea an athletic physique is the new hotness. It’s one you earned with P90X– and one you’ll most likely improve upon doing Insanity. After all, Insanity is only 6-8 weeks long and if you’re coming in off P90X– chances are you’ll do pretty well with it, building on the gains you leveraged while working out with Tony Horton.

Will I Lose Mass With A Round Of Insanity?

There’s no question Insanity is a cardio program and you may lose a little (and again… that’s very relative) mass. Emphasis on “little”. See, Insanity is built to improve both your aerobic and anaerobic levels and subsequently improves the way you process oxygen– all of which leads to endurance. So what happens to all that muscle– after all, cardio ain’t no friend to muscle mass… is it?

As Mr. Steve Edwards explains:

┬áThe result is that in your next round of P90X (or any muscle-building program), you’ll have more energy to burn at the end of each set. This will result in increased reps per set or more weight per set, both of which lead to increased hypertrophy (muscle growth) if that is your target.

Heyooooo! Lean AND mean.

Your Earned Muscle Mass Will Be OK With Insanity

Truth be told, the time I combined P90X and Insanity (3 days P90X resistance, 2-3 Insanity cardio) was when I was the leanest and had the most mass (useable, strong mass) since I’ve been doing these programs. I don’t mean to add more proof to the pile, but Shaun T. is a big dude in Insanity and his leaner physique in Asylum makes his mass look even bigger.

Moral of the story: Unless getting huge is your goal, you don’t need to lift yourself into oblivion. There’s no need to fear branching out, enjoying the journey of getting fit in multiple areas. In the end, you’ll be in good shape, look awesome AND make improvements with every new re-entry into P90X or P90X2 programs. 

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  1. Ryan says:

    Thank you for this information!! I’m almost done with P90X and was concerned about muscle loss with starting insanity. Now that I know how it will help bulking later on, I’m going to do it. :)

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