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Where’s My Red Button?

Introducing the first post by Coach Mari-Catherine (MC), the other–much prettier– half of the How Do I Get Fit coaching team:

We all know it… the ever so popular red “Easy” button.  Story goes like this: something in life comes up that’s hard, the red “easy” red button appears, you press it and the problem fixes itself (Staples, you clever little devil).

I think at some point in our lives (in my case many points) we all wish we had our own red button to push when it comes to reaching our fitness goals.  Like this morning at 5am when my alarm was going off and it was time to get up, “Dig Deep” and show up Insanity style. I fished around hoping my red button would show up, my workout would be done and the new skinnier/buffer me would pop up dressed, beautified and ready to face the day.  Instead, my button didn’t show up, I slept in until 8:30 (Man-Friend didn’t wake me up… bless his sweet little heart) and ended up bringing the Insanity much later than originally planned.

I hear a lot of people making comments like “I’d love to look like that BUT…” or Insanity and/or P90X is way too hard, I couldn’t do that…” It seems as if they are searching for their own red button to show up and out pops the skinnier/buffer looking person. I’m always asked how I stay fit and achieved the results I have and honestly… it’s HARD and I work at it EVERY DAY!!  There is no easy button in life and that includes a life of skinny/buffy goodness.

Ever notice that the greatest rewards in life are the ones we work HARD for?  Relationships: Super rewarding and need work everyday.  Raising children: super rewarding (super HARD) and needs work every second!  A fit, healthier you:  Extremely rewarding and requires hard work everyday.

It’s easy to be fat, it’s easy to eat like crap and it’s easy to not workout.  It’s okay to have red button moments but have them and move on.  In my case, going Insane much later today sucked… but I had my red button moment at 5am, got over it, brought it later and feel super accomplished.

You can do the same! 

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  1. Kristin says:

    You’re the best coach a girl could have! Thanks for all the pointers and getting me through the first few days!!

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