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When Will I See The Results My Beachbody Program Promised?

Results. They’re the end game, right? Fat and busted self esteem being blow-torched to reveal muscle, tone and confidence. But if there’s one thing most everyone (including myself when I first started P90X four years ago) wants to know… when am I going to see results?

The question is a great one and hopefully something that keeps you motivated to find the answer…but watch out- constantly worrying about “immediate results” is like watching water come to a boil, grass grow and paint dry.  Even worse, it can erode your enthusiasm and resolve putting you on a fast-track to frustration rather than the goal you started out with.

Success gained from pressing forward through the “When Will I start seeing results?” phase can depend on expectation (which I cover in greater detail here) so let’s get those expectations set up right now: chances are you’re not going to see a lot of visual difference in the first couple weeks. Many people simply demand them… and that’s incredibly unrealistic. Sure, there’s some who will see quick results but overall, it’s better to trust the program, follow its nutritional guide and look toward that Day 60 or 90 transformation instead of some imagined 2 week sprinkle of magic fat-blasting dust.

“When Will I See Results” Boils Down To This…

There is no single amount of time you can place on seeing results as everyone starts from a different place. But that’s not a downer– not by a long shot. That’s just fitness fact.

So, instead of demanding and being disappointed in the first few weeks and even months, focus on how you FEEL. After all, that’s where you’ll notice change first as your body will always fight the change you’re throwing at it. Your body doesn’t necessarily recognize that it wants to change– it likes its homeostasis. But your workouts and nutrition? They’ll make change.  All you need to do is keep that momentum and consistency going.

Soreness Is An Indicator of Results

I’m not talking “Oh, Crap, I broke something”– I’m talking righteous soreness— your badge of honor– the soreness that comes after breaking your muscles out of hypersleep and putting them to work in ways they’re just not used to. Your post-workout soreness might even border on “Wow, I broke myself” sore (I’ve experienced that, believe me) but in most cases, it’s just your body making changes- new muscle fiber developing, new strength being forged… and that? That’s CHANGE. Give it a hug!

Feeling Hungrier Is Results

As your metabolism starts cranking up and demanding more nutrition to repair and fuel, you’re going to start feeling hungrier more often. A good sign! Hunger means “feed me”… an awesome indicator your body is becoming more efficient. It’s USING the food being put into it- not necessarily storing it for extra winter padding.

Your Weight On A Scale is NOT Necessarily Results

Seeing-Results-InsertI preach “scale doubt” all the time: Weigh yourself at Day 0 and don’t look back until Day 30. Your weight fluctuates wildly and isn’t an indicator of fat loss as much as it is of what kind of pressure you’re putting on that scale at that second of that minute of that day. Some people get shredded and toned and actually GAIN weight.

So instead of relying on a dumb brick in your bathroom that measures “stuff”, take progress pictures every couple weeks and pay attention to how your clothes fit. Use a tape measure and see what happens to your waist, arms and even legs. Fat comes off in some of the weirdest places first.

All said first/foremost- don’t stress about immediate results. Results will come (some sooner than others– we’re all biondividually different, after all) and your nutrition and pressing play every day will take care of that, I promise. Instead, focus on what you’re going to do when you have to buy all those new clothes because you’ve shrunk out of your old ones.

Check in with me, Coach Dan, and we’ll keep things on the right track.

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