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Rethinking Dairy– The Followup

So a couple weeks ago I decided to give the no dairy thing a try. Not because I’m convinced dairy is evil or have jumped on extreme side of the “Cow Milk is For Cows!” bandwagon (though there’s some salient arguments to be made there)– but on the advice of the Asylum nutrition plan and in discussion with some other folks, I thought- why not?

Here’s why: In my fitness journey, I’m at a point now where I’m making refinements. I’m about where I want to be with fat percentage and build and because of that changes are now more visual than measurable. I’d still like to make gains in chiseling a bit here, adding some strength there, etc. and that’s where I consider “giving up dairy” to fall– it’s a “level up” refinement. My dairy abandonment isn’t necessarily a permanent commitment but… I can say I didn’t miss it at all.

Just for transparency, I didn’t give up whey protein, so I wasn’t “100%” dairy free but in most cases the whey filtering process can eliminate the lactose association problems for some, I didn’t sweat that aspect too much as I’ve never had gastro-related issues. That said, giving up milk and yogurt (the only dairy I have in my diet) worked. As I mentioned before, I was a kind of skeptical about the sub-dermal dairy inflammation thing but I went off my Greek Yogurt and Skim Milk for two weeks and did indeed see more “permanent” definition and way more vascularity. The ability to see “veins” in my arms and legs (IE- vascularity) was a very visualĀ  indicator sub-dermal swelling– basically “puffiness”– had gone down which, therefore, led to more definition.

And I’ll be honest…that was kind of awesome to see.

In the mean time, I do see this as “refinement” if you’re going for taking your peak progress up a notch. I’m sure it’s not for everyone but in my case, I definitely saw it changes. That said, I’ll work on getting some “before” and “after” pics for visual proof. 


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  1. john goodbar says:

    Hmmmmm, very interesting. I don’t drink a lot of milk, but maybe I should go vegan, eh? :)

    • Dan V. says:

      Veganism definitely has its rewards… I’m just too weak to embrace it fully. Maybe part-time vegan?

      • john goodbar says:

        part-time works for me…lol vegetarian def works for me atm, been one for over a year now. I go the route of the ovo-lacto vegetarian. The way i figure it is if i couldn’t go out and raise and kill something myself, why should i go and buy it in pretty little packages at the store? :) I’m on the controversy of the products I eat for protein, such as seitan aka wheat meat and soy protein. People tend to demonize these products and the way i look at it, Chinese people have been eating them for thousands of years with no ill effects and have only recently begun getting obese when introduced to the western diet. OK, nuff said :)

  2. Jim says:

    I’ve been waiting to see your results on this Dan, it looks like there is some thing to giving up dairy.

  3. Jim says:

    You know, I think I will Dan. I’m not big on dairy anyway and if it’s helps cut some fat and lean me out then why not. Hey, it worked for you so I’ll give it a shot.

  4. Karen says:

    Interesting… did you continue with Shakeology?

  5. Leland says:

    I have been off dairy for about 2 weeks now and my abs are more ripped than ever and the veins in my calves are popping out like crazy. it has to be because of the dairy. it’s the only thing i’m doing different.

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