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P90X2 Pre-Order: The How-To Guide

If you’ve been keeping tabs on (HDIGF), you know I’m a “little” pumped about P90X2. The details have been leaking out and P90X2 is a seriously impressive program– a step beyond the original P90X and, best of all, one with a ridiculously adaptable nutrition guide. Because hey– that’s where the magic happens, right? If you haven’t, be sure to read my “P90X2 Details Here!” article from last week– that post is epic in detail and has all the pricing details and latest developments.

OK…let’s cut straight to it:

P90X2 PRE-ORDERS START TOMORROW, SEPTEMBER 1st NOW!!… (and it’s only available through or RIGHT HERE at HDIGF, which will score you some EXCLUSIVELY awesome bonuses, btw…)


First, Pre-orders are only being made available through Beachbody Coaches. As it happens– and as you know– I am a Beachbody Coach. To get this detail out of the way, you can sign me up as your Coach right here.  Once you’re signed up or if you’re already with me… Click this subtle button:

You can also:

  • Hit up your computer, open your browser and log in to your Team account.
  • Click the “Shop” tab up top and walla.


1. Pre-ordering from How Do I Get Fit will net you two FREE additional DVD workouts thrown into your package exclusively. And as varied as P90X2 will be, even more variety is some nice icing on that calorie-free cake.

  • 1 On 1: “4 Legs”
  • 1 On 1: “Upper Body Balance”

2. Your credit card will absolutely not be charged until it ships in December. This allows you roughly 3 months to put some cash away to cover your purchase. It’s a self-starter payment plan that puts any of the packages within reach.

3. Beachbody will begin shipping P90X2 on a first come, first serve basis from pre-order dates. That means the sooner you pre-order, the sooner you get it. Beachbody has guaranteed a delivery by December 25th 2011…if you’re on the pre-order bandwagon.

4. All Pre-orders will receive free, free, FREE shipping and handling, which in and of itself is a big high five to your wallet/purse… ESPECIALLY if you plan on ordering the gear heavy Ultimate and Deluxe Packages.

5. All pre-orders will be given a huge Beachbody hug by way of being made instantly eligible for a laundry list of weekly prizes–T-Shirts, Equipment, P90x2 apparel and workouts–until the P90X2 release date. But the best part is this: The Grand prize is Tony Horton hand-delivering P90X2 to your home.

6. As an added incentive, the faster you order, the faster you’re on the program. Pre-orders will be first in line to be in the first P90X2 infomercial. Instructions will give you all the details… so if you’ve ever wanted to be on TV, see your business grow or just have ultimate bragging rights, this is AWESOME.

I’m With YOU

I’ll be ordering first thing tomorrow morning. And while December seems like a ways off, it gives us 3 months to prep for the P90X2 extravaganza. Knock out a round of P90X and I’ll be here all along the way to coach you through it.

Hit me up with any questions you may have. I’m here 24/7. 


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