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Out On Snow Patrol

As the old saying goes– if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Since we’re in Coldtown USA, we thought we’d make the best of it this President’s Day weekend and head out of town for some cabin-based adventures in snowmobiling, snow shoeing and general winter wonderland shenanigans. And in case you’re wondering if we’re “checking out”, we have a bag dedicated bringing to workouts and portable fitness equipment with us, including meals to keep the nutritional angle on track– the party never stops!

In the mean time, I’ll be posting some “Oldie but Goodies” and while I really tried to get  Friday Five in, my time ran out. Still, you can bet I’ll still be around to answer emails and hit up Fit spot! when mountain woodland reception allows. Have a great weekend– keep it safe, keep it clean, keep it dedicated and most of all, keep rockin’ it!

—-Coach Dan 

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