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I’m Sorry… You’re Cutting Out

OK. Seems like I just took a break but looks like I’ll be taking another for a few days and into the next week and as much as I wish it was a trip to the location I’ve got pictured, it’s not. Ah well– I’ll still have copies of P90X, Asylum, bands and a computer for updating HDIGF and keeping in touch with your questions/keeping things on track so I’m not totally bailing. Still, a post hanging around for days on end drives me bonkers so I’ll try to keep content a rollin’– maybe even some oldies but goodies. In the mean time, feel free to contact me any time of day and keep rockin’ it! 

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  1. Karen says:

    enjoy your break! We all need them every now and then!

  2. Jim says:

    Enjoy my friend. Where ever you go, I think you might want to pass on a trip to Texas. 107 degrees next week where I”m at but hey, any break is a good break.

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