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Coach Check In: 2013 = Your Year

Happy 2013!

“But Dan, you’re a week late”.

Yup. Busted.

But still… truth is, 2013 doesn’t end until December 31, 350-some-odd days from now and there’s no reason 2013 can’t be a happy one any month or week this year because YOU’RE in charge! Want big things this year? You can make them happen. And when it comes to your fitness, you’ve got the tools– via Beachbody programs and support– to do it.

So… here’s to the topic of the moment… GOALS. Of course, goals are no good unless you move toward them, so the key word when talking about your goals?

Get movin’.

That’s right. Push play! Step on the gas. Get a move on!

Nothing happens without action. Nothing happens without “Pushing Play”.

Checking your email doesn’t help. Watching “Biggest Loser” doesn’t help. Saying “Tomorrow” or “Next Week” doesn’t help.

There’s a million excuses out there and most every single one of them is best friends with  procrastination.

Make today and the rest of 2013 about no more justification. No more stalling. No more putting off a better life, better self esteem, better health and a better body. No more procrastinating!!

Get movin’ because YOU CAN DO THIS!!  You know I’m here all along the way:, Fit Spot!, email… I’m ready to help and support every day, every step.


Fit Spot! Upgrade is Coming. I’ve been working on a few things to make 2013 great for my team (hopefully, that’s you)… and if you’re on board, making your 2013 a great one of personal accomplishment as well! First off, if you’re on “Fit Spot!” (the private Facebook accountability/support group for all those I coach)… fist bump and bro(/sis) hug! Thanks for being there! If you’re not, you’ll want to be as I’m finishing off some plans to make it even more accountable… but with FUN and REWARDS and COMMUNITY.

Send me a friend request (I’m at and we’ll get you added pronto so you can get in on the upcoming changes and fun.

New Chocolate Shakeology Formula Is Shipping With Nothing But Love! There were a few months last year where Beachbody changed the flavor of Chocolate Shakeology. The result yielded up a very mixed response (Boo… YAY!!) but enough people piped up that Beachbody listened, re-tweaked the formula and came out with version 2.0 that’s even better tasting than the first. If Shakeology’s on your list, I can’t recommend it more than I already do. It’s a daily nutritional cornerstone for me and makes nutrition easy– and isn’t that the hardest part of losing weight and feeding yourself right? I’m really not making this stuff up- Shakeology is the real deal… and now even better. Order it up with free shipping and a 30 day guarantee right here.

Ultimate Reset Group Starting February 1. If you’re struggling with nutrition and need something to kick-start your year, Ultimate Reset is the real deal and your answer. I have never EVER been a fan of cleanses as they’re all gimmicky short term solutions that are completely unsustainable. The Ultimate Reset and some of the ridiculous results I’ve seen from those coming off of it. The Reset is a 21 day gentle cleanse with NO working out. It offers a whole foods nutrition plan that tells you WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat, includes the recipes, pictures and even a grocery shopping list that lays it all out. The results coming out of it are truly astounding. It is pricer but Ultimate Reset is GUARANTEED to work without depriving you of nutrition or making you guzzle down honey water and red pepper sauce or drink your nutrition “’til you can’t drink no more”.  Check out some results here. Do NOT let the price tag scare you. The Reset is truly an investment guaranteed to pay off in 21 days. You can order the Ultimate Reset in a Standard or Ultimate Kit (comes with Shakeology) here. Let me know and we’ll get you in the group!

If you’re a regular visitor, you know the website is there for you and loaded with info. It’s a great resource and one I’ve been putting together for the last few years to help with every aspect of your program, no matter what program that might be. It’s filled with the stuff I wish I knew when I started and more. It’s loaded with program tips, nutrition, real-world questions, motivation, reviews and how to’s. Don’t pass it up and use the search feature on your upper right to find stuff you may not have know was around.

And as always:

1) Thank you for your support! The way I’m “compensated” for coaching time is through commissions from any Beachbody products you purchase, as long as you buy them through my site,, or by logging into to do your shopping– (If you buy from the plain “” site I get no credit– erase that site from your memory :)). I’ll never recommend something I don’t believe in or haven’t used and it helps with the time I spend answering questions, helping you and others out and keeping up on the site. Thank you SO much!

2) If you like the hard work I put into writing my articles and keeping up the site, PLEASE help me out by sharing them with the “sharing tools” below each post. It really helps grow not only the team and site but pays our successes and inspiration forward as as well. 

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  1. Great post! 2013 is our year to End the Trend!

  2. Wow! This got me excited! Thanks!

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