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UPDATED: Turbofire On Sale For $53 (SOLD OUT)

UPDATE: Turbofire has sold out at the $53 price point. Stay tuned to HDIGF for the latest on great sales like this.

In the mean time, if you’re interested in getting Turbofire at a discount, Groupon is still offering a sale until Sunday. I;ll give you the link, but one condition… :)… 

Sign up for free coaching here and then go grab your copy here. We’ll get you connected with a Challenge Group (they’re free) that will keep you accountable, supported and in it to get the best results of your life.

If you’ve been considering hopping into Turbofire with Chalene Johnson, here’s a ridiculous deal: Turbofire is on sale right now for $53. That’s the full program… a program that just yesterday, and in just a few hours will be, $120.

This Turbofire sale is ridiculously popular and is expected to sell out in the next 12-24 hours. Just thought I’d pass the info along if you were interested.  Here’s the link to order:

Click Here To Order Turbofire For $53!!

Here’s a link with more about the program:

The price change has not been reflected on the website yet but the link above will get the deal.

Anyway, if you were interested, get on it quick. There’s only 5000 units available at this price and when they’re gone, it’s gone. Good luck!

Have a great weekend! 


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