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Tropical Shakeology

Shakeology this, Shakeology that… you know I drink the stuff and you know I recommend it for good reason. It’s easy, nutrient packed and straight-up tasty. I’ve been using Chocolate Shakeology for well over a year and have never tired of it but with the new Tropical Shakeology flavor on the very near horizon , I’m definitely planning on switching things up in January when it hits. In the mean time, what’s the deal with this new Shakeology Tropical Flavor?


That’s right– for all those who aren’t fans of whey protein (Shakeology uses the highest grade whey iseolate), the new Tropical Shakeology is ditching the “animal-based” protein and using sprouted brown rice protein instead. That’s pretty big as brown rice protein is very high quality stuff when it comes to plant-based (“phyto”) and gives an upper-cut to the standard and cheap soy used in most mainstream non-whey protein drinks. Win!

Sports Friendly

If there’s been one hesitancy to anyone using Shakeology, it’s been for professional or collegiate athletes. Shakeology uses the Suma root as an ingredient:

“Suma is said to support hormonal balance, reduce inflammation, inhibit cancer and leukemia cells, enhance immunity, increase libido, and a provide a number of normalizing and rejuvenating effects. One of the reason for its myriad effects may be its ability to increase oxygenation and energy efficiency at the cellular level.”

Unfortunately, current tests do not differentiate between naturally occurring phytosterols and chemically banned steroids which risked athletes receiving a “false-positive” in drug testing. The new Tropical formulation removes this ingredient which removes the testing risk. Good news!

For a little enticement, here’s a fully cheesy video to check out yourself. Video dramatics and overly warm “Mmmmm” voiceover aside, Tropical Shakeology is shaping up to be pretty impressive stuff… and that’s saying something.


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