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Top 5 Ways To Sabotoge Your Success

Here at HDIGF, we’re all about the enthusiasm of helping others along in achieving life-changing fitness and body-image results. I’m convinced there aren’t many people who don’t want to be successful in what they set out to achieve. So why aren’t more people successful in reaching their goals and dreams? Why do so many people fall somewhere in between?

Sadly, they’ve taken up holding hands and spooning with at least one of five success booby-traps. And while that might not sound all that positive, it totally is because once you recognize the flimsy reason(s) holding you back you can push it out of the way and move forward.

So what are those booby-traps? Glad you asked:

1) Play Chicken With The “I Can’t” Rabbit Hole

You’ve heard the quote: “If you think you can’t, you’re right”. And as many times as that line has been said or plastered on a poster, it’s no less true. If you’re looking to be unsuccessful at something, all you have to do is start off with an “I can’t…”. It’s the reason people get booted off The Biggest Loser. It’s the reason I waited two years to become a Beachbody Coach. It’s the reason most people are where they are with no hope of getting past it. It’s why millions will sit at home in their fat pants and WISH they were in shape: They simply think they CAN’T.

But good news is always on the horizon… they CAN. And so can you.

2) Order Ala Carte From the The Excuse Menu

Nothing takes the wind out of the sails of potential success like the dime-store floozy of Excuse. Excuses are nothing but cheap ways to temporarily get yourself out of feeling guilty for something you should be doing but aren’t. “I just don’t like to exercise”. “I can’t find time”. “My left eye twitches when I hop on one foot”. Enough! If you want to get fit or find success in anything in life; enough with the excuses. Excuses only serve to give their users a warm blanket to cuddle with their failure. Everyone has their hurdles and comfort zones, but the sooner you punch them in the kisser by drop-kicking your excuses, the sooner you can get on with the business of living a better life and finding the same successes as all those people who’ve found it. Guaranteed.

3) Take a Trip on the “I’ll TRY” Express

There’s a reason P90X’s Tony Horton says, “DO your best, forget the rest” and not “TRY your best”. Trying is the feeble excuse of not DOING. Doing is action. TRYING is halfheartedly pretending and failing. That’s not to say in doing you’ll be successful 100% of the time, but you’ll be 100% more successful than those who “try”. In some movie, some little green dude is famous for saying “Do or do not, there is no try.” And you know what? It’s true.  There will always be those around you or have come before to help you along the way. Tap into that knowledge and DO.

4) Listen to Debbie

You know Debbie… Debbie Downer. I’m not against listening to others who offer words of encouragement and sound advice but in far too many cases, we let others pessimism steer the course of our ship and dampen our enthusiasm. You’ll be teased for choosing healthy eating options. You’ll be told “There’s no way you can keep the weight off forever”. But you know what? Debbie will never lose the weight. Debbie will always be “too busy”. Debbie will never see the sun on a sunny day. When you turn the volume on Debbie Downer to off and enjoy the sweet silence that comes from not listening to all the “cant’s” Debbie throws your way, you’ll suddenly find all the “cans”.

5) Fall Asleep Behind the Wheel

The minute you take your eye off your goal and stop making choices to move you forward every day is the minute you’ll start sliding into failure. That failure may not come today or tomorrow or even next week, but just as it takes consistent effort and doing what it takes to succeed every day (eating right, “pressing play”), the opposite behavior will lead in the opposite direction– always away from the destination you want to reach. Those people who are successful in melting off the pounds, landing the job they want, achieving the wealth they desire and finding the success in life they’re entitled to have one thing in common: They took steps forward every day by DOING. And for most, it wasn’t overnight. And guess what? It doesn’t need to be. If you DO and take the steps DAILY toward your goal, you’ll nail it.

Yeah, that’s some tough love but good news: every single one of those Success Saboteurs are easy to change and avoid- you just have to recognize it. Now stop being a saboteur and find your success.


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