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Tony Horton Chats P90X With The Gamer Set– Drops Bombs

So… Tony “P90X2” Horton. Love him or want to put earplugs in, I’m a fan. The dude is down to earth and a genuinely cool guy which you can get a pretty decent glimpse of with this interview he recently did on G4’s “Attack of The Show”. But look– you know me, I’m not just a “copy/paste” to fill a post kind of guy and I wouldn’t throw this up without good reason. So here’s TWO reasons I’m putting this interview up:

1) In the course of the interview, Tony Horton mentions something called “TH Kitchen”. I won’t give away what the “TH” stands for (but I will tell you it rhymes with Pony Morton). In short, it’s a food delivery program when nutrition will be delivered to your home. I’m HIGHLY intrigued.

Nutrition is one aspect of the P90X program many people easily lose track of– having a “no thinking” grocery-type meal plan served up ready-to-Eat? Fantastic. And while stuff like this is usually loaded with CRAP and preservatives, I’m hopeful a Beachbody association will keep it clean and impeccably goal oriented-nutritious. No official word anywhere but I’d bet Summit blows the roof off here in a month…

And the second reason:

2) Crossfit call-out! If you’ve been in the trenches, you there’s a kind of P90X/Cross-Fit grudge match going on. I’ve got a post comparing the two but it’s bound to invoke trolling, fire-bombing, etc. so I’ve held off on it. Still, Tony isn’ t a huge Cross Fit fan (more from the injury aspect) and lets it be known with a couple shots across the bow, which I always think makes for some good times.

Either way, it’s Attack of The Show… P90X style:

And to play into the whole G4 schtick, here’s a cheesecake segment of  Tony putting the requisite “Gamer Girls” (this is a male-oriented network after all) through a few P90X2 moves. I know ladies wear the sports tops and workout capris better than most Dudes but still… where’s the Single X Chromosome representation? Step it up, Kevin!


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