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Three (Good) Reasons to Sign Up For Team Beachbody

No matter how independently burly or focused anyone thinks they are, we can all take a mental high five from our friends every once in a while– especially when it comes to staying focused on finishing a program, eating right and trimming the heck out. Make that a double-shot in the case of P90X, Insanity or any other Beachbody home-based fitness program. And really, that’s the whole reason Team Beachbody was created– to lend support, encouragement and kick down mental barriers thrown down by questions that could lead to frustration.

The encouragement and explanation angle is the whole reason I signed up for Team Beachbody almost two years ago. I was a little confused by the P90X nutrition guide and wanted to maximize my fat loss to get truly fit. I was the only one I knew doing P90X at the time (that’s changed!) and wanted to interact with folks who could encourage me and educate me from their own experience. Ultimately, helping the primary reason I became a Beachbody Coach and why I encourage everyone to sign up with Team Beachbody (free or otherwise). ANYONE can succeed in their goals, but not everyone has all the answers all the time.

As for those those three reasons? Here are mine:

1) As I’ve mentioned, I wanted to motivate myself and plug into a network of people going after the same goals I was. Beachbody stats show those who plug into this network lose more weight and find more success than those who don’t.

2) I wanted to get a 10% discount on Beachbody products like the P90X Recovery formula and Shakeology as well as future programs(P90X One-on-One, P90X: MC2, Insanity: Asylum). The money I saved here justified my monthly membership fee and then some.

3) The Meal Planner. I can be a creature of habit when it comes to eating, but sometimes I want to spice it up. Team Beachbody has a great meal planner that goes beyond the nutrition guide to spell out exactly what to eat a week at a time without having to think about it– including grocery lists. And if I don’t like what I see? I can still use it to get better ideas or exchange carbs/proteins for something I may be craving a little more. The cool part? They’ve recently remodeled the whole system and made it better:

I know signing up for something new isn’t always fun or comfortable, but the Team Beachbody network–with me as your partner/coach within it–┬áreally is there to help you succeed. Plug in, hit me up with your successes and questions and let’s keep rocking this together! 

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