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Thoughts: “Can-Do”, Honesty and Why Being a Fitness Hermit Is Lame

A couple quick thoughts I wanted to get out today in relation to a few things I’ve been thinking about. I’m going to keep this post short…hopefully…but here’s a couple (okay, three) doses of advice served up with a heaping serving of love.

Can vs. Can’t

As a Beachbody Coach, I answer a lot of emails and have a lot of conversations but the “Can’ts” are always the same. Seeing success with these programs– relatively FAST and visible success– comes to to those who give the knuckle-then-elbow uppercut to their mode of thinking. They kick “can’t” out of their vocabulary and insert CAN. How many times do you find yourself thinking “I Can” instead of “I Can’t”? I CAN wake up an hour earlier and get my workout in. I CAN plan to make sure I’m eating right. I CAN invest in Shakeology. I CAN complete my program. I CAN look like those people in the infomercials. Find ways you CAN make changes and do your program–nutrition included– and you’ll find success.

I promise– once you implement “CAN”, “CAN’T” will get its trash kicked all day long.

Which leads to the next thought…

Be Honest

When we’re not honest with ourselves, we run in a big, fat, redundant and frustrating circle. We justify skipping a workout here, a workout there. We justify blowing a week of dedicated, clean eating because, well, we want to. Then we say we’ll clean the slate and start over. Rinse, repeat.

Break the cycle.Set your goals and look at them EVERY DAY. Be honest.

If you follow the plan and keep to your goals, you’ll succeed beyond the minimum expectation. If you make justifications, well, welcome to Groundhog Day.

Which leads to the next thought…

Stop. Being. A Hermit!

PLUG. IN. I say it all the time but getting involved with others doing P90X, Insanity or any other program will take you farther than doing it alone. Motivation grows in social circles. The folks I Coach motivate me EVERY SINGLE MORNING when I slump out of bed to sweat it out in the basement. That support can be found in the Dan V.’s Fit Spot! Facebook Group. Beachbody offers that support on the message boards.

I’m telling you– don’t be shy. Plug in. Be heard. Share your successes. Share your challenges. Stay accountable.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone post their successes. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone stay accountable by sharing their struggles. We all have them but the thing is, we can all give a hand back up to keep pushing toward our fit, ripped and toned destinations. I’ve got your back and can offer support all along the way. So does the small and growing community of Fit Spot!

You CAN. You WILL. And as a promise, I’ll do everything I can to help make that a reality. We’ve got this.

Better yet…You’ve got this.  

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  1. Jim says:

    Absolutely correct. going it alone is a license to cheat, give up, skip a workout etc. Staying plugged in to your peers means staying accountable to them and yourself. Great post Dan.

  2. Karen says:

    Gotta stay focused and remember where you want to be! You are the only one that can make it happen!

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