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Thinking Positively: Why It’s Important and How To Do It

I’m not sure if you went out and braved the crowds on Black Friday or not, but man– with clogged traffic, huge crowds and sanity-testing lines, that stuff can be bonkers. Still, my experience interacting with people out doing the same thing was a great one. I found myself joking with folks I’d never met, being waved into long lines of traffic with “Dude– we’re in this together- I know how you feel” smiles. I was totally impressed and despite the crowds we had a pretty great experience (as much as shopping can be a great experience) on Friday.

On Sunday, I woke up and read a prominent story about Black Friday– one that focused almost completely on the negative experiences of a few people across the country. With millions of shoppers across 50 states, a handful of stories focused on the negative aspect of Black Friday made news.

Why? Because the evil twins of negativity and cynicism are easy.

They’re also crippling and lame and something you might be face with as you go through P90X, Insanity or any other Beachbody program- whether it’s from well intentioned (but ultimately self-defeating) friends/acquaintances or even yourself, it’s something you’ve got to beat back with a one-two punch of positivity.

“You’ll never be able to eat like that for 90 days. That’s just not realistic.”

It IS realistic. I’ve done it. Thousands more have done it. In fact, after the first couple weeks, you’ll have no problem turning down the stuff you used to crave. The other night, I was dishing out Phish Food ice cream for the kids’ dessert and didn’t even think twice about it. People who say you can’t eat healthy are making up excuses for themselves and want to feel better about their failures, easy as that.

“I’m not reaching my goals. I’m working so hard and I don’t look like _______.”

Every person is different and every person will respond differently, but your body– if you’re truly eating well and doing the work– WILL respond. The first month may be the toughest but focusing on day 90, not day 33 or day 56, will make the difference between tripping over self doubt or sprinting past it to to win at the finish line.

“Oh, man. My ______ did P90X and then they just got fat again.”

You aren’t them. You aren’t the rest of everyone else. You’re you and you make the decisions for you. So _____ failed. You’re not _____ and you won’t fail.

The list of negative comments you hear from yourself and others could go on and on but ultimately, they’re just excuses used to bring others to a level of comfortable mediocrity. You’re not mediocre. Your positive commitment to changing your body and getting fit shows that. Plug into your coach (if that’s me, GREAT!), plug into the Beachbody community, get others on board with you and think positive by flipping your perspective. “Perspective flipping” goes miles for being positive and is something I learned (and am still trying to master) about 16 years ago. Instead of going to negativity, flip the situation from another perspective.

Example: It’s easy to get down on yourself for not being able to get that last pull-up– but what about that one you did that you couldn’t do last week?

Example: You missed a meal or came up short in your nutritional goals. But what did you learn? Where can you improve next time and guess what– tomorrow allows for being perfect.

Flipping perspective and allowing yourself to see the POSITIVE side of things will not only help you through this program, but through life as well. And while the world and those around you may choose to focus on the negative because it’s easy and makes them feel better about being unhappy, you’ll push through with a grin on your face as you crash through negative barriers in a Mac truck called Positivity, coming out on the other side empowered in your new found strength. 

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