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The Rumor Mill: Body Beast, Insanity 2

HDIGF followers, you’re in for a treat. Well, it’s a treat for me to share, anyway. I’ve decided to start up a “Rumor Mill” post every once in a while to give you the latest on “unofficial” releases, rumors and news from Beachbody. I’ve heard a few things that are pretty exciting so let’s get to it:

Body Beast Release To Be Summer/Mid Year

Body Beast is Beachbody’s answer to the universal man-cries for a specific mass/muscle building program. The video shoots for the Body Beast workouts are now officially finished, so Body Beast is coming quick. I’ve heard it could be released as early as summer 2012– that’s only 3-6 months away. For the FULL, UPDATED details (with images) on Body Beast, click here.

This ****’s Bananas, Yo: Insanity 2!?

Insanity is STILL picking up steam and continues to add to its huge following but if you’ve experienced Shaun T. in Asylum, you know the dude doesn’t quit. To get straight to it, there’s plans for an Insanity 2 and rumor has it the shoot will be in New York, Shaun T.’s stomping grounds. That’s news as most Beachbody shoots are in SoCal. This is rumor for now as nothing’s been shot but with Insanity’s success, I’d bet you can put your money on a 2013 release.

Asylum To Kick Your Trash Even More: Insanity: Asylum Volume II

Asylum is hands down one of my favorite “Graduate” Beachbody programs. It’s varied, incredibly intense and fun with a capitol F-U-N. If you thought Insanity kicked your trash, you have no idea what Asylum has in store… and in my opinion– does better. Thing is, Asylum is only 6 workouts and if you noticed on the packaging, it refers to “Volume I”. I’ve been waiting for news on Volume II and seeing if they can top Asylum (truly with some of the most difficult workouts committed to DVD). Rumor says it’s in the works. No release date, but I’m hoping sooner than later.

So there it is. Anything you’d like to hear more about? Let me know! And as always, if you’re working through Insanity, P90X or any other Beachbody program plug into support and free personal coaching here are How Do I Get Fit. 

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