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The Coach Dan V. Promise

I’ll be the first to admit– there’s LOTS of people out there hawking stuff to make a dime. And as long as they’re being ethical about it, that’s cool. But how do you differentiate the “real because it WORKS and I can personally vouch for it” from the “real because it makes me some cash”? There’s a difference, after all.

Here at How Do I Get Fit, I’ve hung my reputation on the former: “It’s real because it WORKS and I, Dan Vinton, will personally vouch for it”. I’m not throwing advice out there off what I heard the dude say at the gym– I’m throwing it out there based off personal success, experience or grounded, cited research. After all, it’s my name on the line and you’re coming to this site and/or making me your free Beachbody coach for down-to-earth answers, support and recommendations.

So let’s get this “on paper”: there’s more than one path to getting fit but I recommend what I recommend because it’s worked for me. I think the proof is in the pudding with my results but beyond that, I’m not out to shortcut my nutrition or health… and I never want the be the reason anyone cuts corners either. And while integrity has always been my philosophy, I’m officially putting it out there with “The Coach Dan V. Promise”:

“I will never recommend any product or program I wouldn’t personally use or apply in my own training and health regimen. I will never recommend a product without personally using that product to verify its effectiveness by application.”

That’s a promise and it’s one I hold myself to and take very seriously. I hope you’ll hold me to it as well. 


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