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The Body Beast App

Beasting Up with Body Beast? Considering the Body Beast program? If so, here’s some awesome news for you: Body Beast  now has pretty deep and comprehensive mobile app. And it’s FREE!

That’s right– Body Beast has become completely mobile. On vacation or a trip and away from your DVDs and equipment? Feel like hitting up/showing off Sagi Kalev’s Beast sets at the gym? No more hauling worksheets with you, skipping workouts or trying to remember moves off the top of your head. All you have to do is bring your phone. The Body Beast app allows you to not only view each individual workouts but track them (and your progress) as well.  It’s even got a calorie calculator and recipe section.

Here’s how the Body Beast App works:

 The Body Beast app is not an installed app, which means it’s accessed through your phone’s web browser so you’ll need a wi-fi or 3G/4G network connection to access it on your phone. Beyond that, once you’ve purchased the program (the ability to use the program is linked to your Team Beachbody account) simply click the button below  and you’re there!Body-Beast-App

Once the mobile site loads on your phone, you’ll be prompted to enter your Team Beachbody email and password. Don’t have one? Get a free Team Beachbody account right here.

Once you’re logged in, the Body Beast App will ask you a couple questions about your weight, stats and goals to get your calorie tracker set up. Once that’s out of the way, you’re ready to rock with the following features:

  • View all Body Beast workouts.
  • Track your sets, reps,and weights.
  • Calorie Calculator- nail your calories and crush your program!
  • Beast recipes (ALL Beast recipes including Sagi’s tasty Signature Meatballs).
  • Full FAQ with set descriptions, instructions on how to get your FREE shirt and more.

Body Beast App FAQ

Q: I have my login information but when I try to log in, I get this error message:

“We’re sorry, it appears that you do not have access to Body Beast Mobile. You must purchase the program to get access to the Mobile site. If you feel you have reached this in error, please contact an administrator.”

A: There’s a few reasons you could have received this message:

  • Someone else purchased Body Beast (spouse, was a gift) and their access credentials are tied to the account password and email address. Use the email address the buyer provided when they purchased Body Beast.
  • If you are a TeamBeachbody member (and you are if I’m your coach), please use your login credentials to access the mobile app.

Q: I’ve purchased Body Beast, but haven’t received an email with my login information.

A: Please double check that the email address that was given to Beachbody on the day of purchase matches the email address you are using to log into the mobile app. It is also possible that the email landed in the spam folder.

Q: Is there a way to skip ahead to the workout week or day I am on?

A: Unfortunately, the mobile app (in its current version) is built to work in a linear way, meaning you start on Day 1 and work your way through the program day by day. Short answer: You can’t skip workouts. Here’s why: If you aren’t starting from Day 1 and going through Day 90 and following the program how it’s designed, then the current tracker really isn’t for you. If you have started recently, like one or two weeks, you can go in and manually skip ahead by entering data in each category as if you’ve completed the workout, but it will be a time investment. Beachbody is looking into making a change to allow accesss to skip ahead in a future update.

Q: How do I create a direct link to the mobile site on my phone (acting as an “app”)?

A: After the first-time login you are offered the option to create a shortcut on the phone’s home screen. If you confirm, a cool Body Beast icon (shortcut) is placed on the phone’s home screen. Just follow the instructions in the image below:


With your FREE mobile App, you can Beast Up! anytime…anywhere. Nice!

Don’t have Body Beast? But it here today. 


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  1. Marla says:

    Is the app working because I can’t get workouts all other pages are there except workouts

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hi Marla-

      The app still works. I’ve been using it myself. Are you logged in with your Team Beachbody ID?

  2. Yemi says:

    I just bought your package from amazon but how do I get free access to mobile application.

  3. Laurie says:

    I just purchased it today but the App seems to error out when I attempt to login. I wanted to get a jumpstart before my DVDs arrive. I get the login error when I attempt to login with my Teambeachbody credentials, or I get a password error when I attempt to use my screenname. It references a forgot password link that doesn’t appear on the screen. Suggestions?

  4. Francisco says:

    Is there a problem with the page ? i cant log in ive tried logging in with the email password provided and with my beachbody account password and neither worked.

  5. Brad Ward says:

    I can’t access the mobile app, it is saying that I We’re sorry, it appears that you do not have access to Body Beast Mobile. You must purchase the program to get access to the Mobile site.

    If you feel you have reached this in error, please contact administrator.

  6. Reiner schaefer says:

    I recently purchased the deluxe body beast program and put in the wrong email when I purchased the product, I did receive the product, I am trying to download the app. What steps need to be taken to get the app.

  7. Jason says:

    I can not get on the body beast app part. I did all that was told to do and still nothing. This frustration makes me want to return this program.

  8. viktoria says:

    hello there, i have just added the mobile app to my phone and the app opens but i am unable to view any of the workouts, no explanations on it or anything….is this an issue for anyone else?


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