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The 25/50 Busy Body Challenge

“I love getting fat” said no one. Ever.

But let’s face it- you’re busy. I’m busy… we’re all busy. Dedicating an hour or more to working out? Tough… but IT’S NOT AN EXCUSE ANY MORE.

If you’ve ever thought about how much you’d like to look good in the clothes you wear by dropping a few inches, climb a flight of stairs without breaking a sweat or gasping for air or discover the six pack that’s been waiting for you, YOUR TIME HAS COME.

Melt Fat With the 25/50 Busy Body Challenge

25 Minutes a day + 50  dedicated days = THE BUSY BODY CHALLENGE: a regimented plan to get moving, dial in your nutrition and ultimately carve out a physique you may have never thought possible.

That’s right… with 25 minutes a day, you’re going to get results.

You’ll join a group of awesomeness with the same focus, the same drive, the same workouts, the same motivation. Support. Accountability. Results. Prizes.

Now’s the time. Invest in yourself and make your goals happen.


Commit To The 25/50 Busy Body Challenge With The Revolutionary T25 Fitness Program

Wait, a program? Like, one you buy?

Yes. This is a program to lose fat in a time crunch, pure and simple. Rest assured, results happen when you invest in yourself and get some skin in the game. Losing weight and getting healthier is no exception.

Focus T25 will work. Are you willing to let it?

25/50 Busy Body Challenge: The Details

Is this for real? 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 50 days will get me results?

Yep. Like anything, it requires your focus and effort, but with the help of the program and a nutrition guide to walk you through all 50 days, you’ll see results if you commit.

Can I do this Challenge as a Beginner?

Absolutely. Each workout includes a lower impact “modifier” for beginners. You’ll work, but as mentioned, it’s lower impact.

Who’s hosting this thing?

Meet Dan and Mari-Catherine… us! We’re just a couple who’ve seen awesome results and want to pay it forward in helping others see success where they may not have previously. Dan is an Insanity and P90X Certified fitness coach and Mari-Catherine is an Insanity and Les Mills RPM certified group fitness instructor and coach. Fell free to check out our stories in the videos on the right.

What’s this prize thing?

Working out should be fun… and while T25 promises that will be the case, we have a few tricks up our sleeves as well. And we’re not talking gold stars, either.

Will I have to change the way I eat?

If you’re serious, you may have to make some modifications to your eating– something the nutrition guide (included) offers up in easy, tasty, 5 ingredient and time sensitive recipes.

So when does the 25/50 Busy Body Challenge kick off?

We’re looking at a July 15 start date, which takes is through the end of August. July 15th gives you time to order Focus T25 in the next few days and kick off with us (and many others across the country) at the start line.

How does the Challenge Group work?

We’ll create a private group on Facebook for 25/50 Busy Body Challengers only and add you in when you’ve picked up the program. In this group, you’ll log your workouts, post your pics and support and stay accountable with others both locally and across the country doing T25 with Dan & Mari-Catherine. This group system is tested and tried and works like gangbusters when you engage in it. Watch your success skyrocket!

How much does the T25 program cost?

This month, T25 is being offered in a kick-butt Challenge Pack (which includes the nutritional component of Shakeology) for only $180. The Base Kit alone is $120. Broken down, that’s less than $4 a day for results you can count on. And like any Beachbody program, T25 comes with a money back guarantee. Win for all.

I need more convincing.

That’s cool. We’re still friends. Read more on T25 here or check out the “Making of” video below:

Let’s do this! I’m Pumped!

To order the program, click the links below:

Discounted Challenge Pack:


Base Kit



Once you order, let us know and we’ll get you added to the group for our July 15 start:

25/50 Busy Body Challenge Reservation Entry

Punch your excuses in the face. You’re ready. You have time. Now it’s time to commit.

And we can’t wait to get started with you.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    woo! isn’t this exciting!? When I first heard about this program you and MC were the first people to come to mind! Can’t wait to try this workout!

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