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Ten Handy Ways To Bust Your Bad Eating Habits

The word “nutrition” sounds SERIOUS, right? It’s one part sterile, one part sciencey and another part “I’m sorry, I dozed off. You were saying?” You know, like you’re ready to get down to some hardcore academic business. But let’s get all that pretense out of the way– nutrition is simply the code word describing what you choose to place, chomp or shove into your pie hole every day. Sounds a little less intimidating now, doesn’t it?

Nutrition (and making the right choices when it comes to what you put in your mouth) is simply a series of “correct” choices made at every meal and snack– one that may seem daunting at first but quickly becomes a fantastic habit when you know what to eat and do so with commitment. Those who DO make the commitment to change their nutrition (beyond eating the right things on the days they feel like it) and follow their nutrition plan and the guidelines here on How Do I Get Fit know how important and what a game-changer proper nutrition can be in their physical transformation through programs like P90X and Insanity:

“I can totally tell a diff in my lower stomach (a woman’s nemesis), since I’ve been dialing in on the 40/40/20 [40% Lean Protein/40% Complex Carbs/20% Fat]…”

“I will say it’s been really eye opening how important nutrition is though. It’s amazing how the lbs fall off when I’m eating right!”

Things is, a lot of us come into this journey to trim up and get fit with some unintended baggage… baggage filled with crappy eating habits. Making a quick change can be confusing (at first) and many people run into the easy trap of waking up, eating a good breakfast, having a good snack and maybe even packing a good lunch… then rolling into the late afternoon hours where they get hungry and things go haywire.

FACT: “Healthy habits only become habits when you do them more than once.” A start and stop will get you nowhere- same with cheating a meal every day or worse, doing well on the weekdays and throwing the weekends out the window. At best you’ll stand still, at worse… digging deeper in the hole.

But that’s not you. You’re in it to win it… so here’s a few tips on putting together that winning strategy (and even though that mouth below is chomping salad, busting bad eating habits doesn’t imply eating salads 24/7).

Know Thy Weakness… Now Push It Out Of The Plane

If you know when you go out to eat, your tendency is to order the most calorie dense, “made to feed five people but I’ll ignore that and order it for myself” dish on the menu, make it a point to start preparing your food and eating IN. If you know you easily succumb to the sexy call of that brightly colored M & M bag… don’t bring M & Ms into your house via your shopping cart. Sounds simple but making the mental commitment now will serve as a shield to help you stiff-arm, and completely avoid, a weakness.

Know The Difference Between Craving and Hunger

What happens at night after dinner? Treat time! Instead of looking at the hours between dinner and bedtime as a free pass to your own game of Candy Land, eat smart. Are you hungry? Really? With the metabolism slowing a bit at night, chances are you aren’t and are feeling cravings instead. Many times this is just the sugar addiction rearing its head. Fight it for a week or so and you’ll find it becomes a thing of that past. Ways to fight? Drink water. Go to bed (you’ve got a workout to wake up for after all). If you’re truly hungry, try a couple spoonfuls of plain Greek Yogurt or even half a serving of Shakeology.

Stay Fed

The quickest way to blowing up your best laid nutritional plans is not being prepared. Shakeology and protein bars are recommended as tools on purpose- they provide quick, portable, easy nutrition. You’ll find you want less fast food trips when you’re satisfied. You’ll find you want to eat ANYTHING when you’re not. Eating every 2-3 hours keeps that starvation desperation at bay. Have snacks on hand (here’s a list) and keep those munchies at bay.

Break The “Shopping-Cart-To-Home-To-Belly” Cycle

When shopping, keep the crap out of the cart. I always scratch my head when I hear “I got home and just had to eat some Oreos” or something like that. I know life happens but why is “America’s favorite sandwich cookie” in the cupboard int he first place? You’ve got GOALS, people! If there’s no Oreos, you’re not “forced” to eat them. Want something sweet and chocolaty? Make this ice cream and be much better off. The same goes for any candy, cookie, treat, snack or frosted anything– and don’t blame the kids. They’re better off without that crap as well. Break the cycle and change your paradigm (you don’t NEED treats and if you’re eating regularly, you won’t miss them) to reach your goals!

Mirror Check

Mirrors. Some people don’t like them… I see them as nothing but a plus. Mirrors let us know we need to change, where we’re going and how we can improve. Awesome! So next time you want to binge or make a choice that will delay or sabotage your fitness goals, stand in front of a mirror.  Like what you see? If not, make a better choice.

There Are Alternatives…

Remember talking about cravings? If your willpower is feeling wet tissue paper thin, you have choices. Want ice cream? Make some Shakeology ice cream. Want something creamy? Whip up a Greek Yogurt parfait. Want chips? I think you’ll be surprised at how AWESOME Kale Chips can be (bake kale with salt… seriously…. GOOD). Want fries? Slice up a sweet potato (with skin) and salt lightly. In short, don’t eat for comfort or craving. Eat with a purpose and many of your favorites have healthy substitutes. Not only that, once you have good food down the hatch, those cravings go away pretty quickly.

Become A Track Star

Tracking your nutrition, that is. Know what you’re eating. I know this sounds lame and many people choose to ignore this solid advice but it teaches you correct portion sizes. Many times you can be eating something great but just too much of it. I promise- you’ll be surprised at what you’re eating… or what you’re not. From there, you can adjust and really dial in those results!

Know Healthy Food Isn’t (and doesn’t have to be) Cardboard

There’s this misconception hat eating “clean” or nutritionally sound is the equivalent of eating cardboard. That you’re being “deprived” if you eat clean. I promise, there’s a bazillion delicious recipes out there and in your nutrition guide that prove otherwise. We’ve got recipes all over the site to prove that notion wrong. Your nutrition guide does as well. Take some time and cook some food- you’ll be surprised at how good healthy can be.

Work Out

Working out creates a cycle. Once you work out, you don’t want to waste it on crap food. Once you eat good food, you want to put that good stuff to work to crave that body you’ve been dreaming of. Make working out every day a priority instead of a second tier “when I have time” activity. Priorities get done. Second thoughts don’t. And if your mind is saying “No”, bust out the mental duct tape and shut that thing up. Doesn’t matter if it’s the best workout of all time– as long as you GET IT IN.

Forget X-Ray Vision- You Want Long Range Vision

The more you keep your “eye on the prize”, the less likely you are to make excuses. Your goal is to get healthier, trim down and live your dream. Let your vision toward that goal be the decision maker in the short term. Change happens as change happens… eating the same way you’ve been eating without making a change is a great way to run in place, find frustration and hop off the wheel without achieving what you ABSOLUTELY COULD HAVE with a little dedication and a few baby steps in your thinking.

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