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Teens Want To Lose Weight But Not Sure How….

Here at How Do I Get Fit we receive a lot of P90X inquiries from teens, which is cool. It shows “adults” aren’t the only ones serious about getting into shape and that’s a good thing. When it comes to teens, I’m more than happy to help (with parental support/approval) and think getting started with fitness at 15, 16 or 17 can lead to a lifetime of awesome choices and a better quality of life. I’ve coached quite a few teens who have dedicated themselves to the program and seen results from programs that lay out every detail on how to succeed.

Problem is… it appears there’s another subset of teens who WANT to lose weight but don’t know where to start. This plays out in the emails I receive that usually begin with “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get ripped”. That’s AWESOME but it’s often followed up by “How can I do this in 2 weeks?”

My answer: You can’t. You won’t. And it’s at this point I see people jump off the bandwagon before even starting. P90X can obviously solve this problem but… here’s an interesting reason as to why so many teens aren’t sure where to start:

A study presented by a doctoral student at Temple University  found that obese students have great interest in weight loss,  but this intent can mean increased smoking and soda drinking… The results showed that about 75.7% of the obese students attending Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, public high schools sought to lose weight.

“What I was expecting to see was increased intake of salad or healthy foods,” Lenhart said.  “In fact, what I found was persistent unhealthy behaviors contrary to weight loss.”

Those teenagers who tried to lose weight had increased use of tobacco and soda. 

“The students may not have a clear idea on proper ways to lose weight”, Lenhart said.

No Such Thing As A Quick Fixin’ Magic Bullet. You Gotta Work.

In a world of instant satisfaction thanks to smart phones, instant download, fast food and countless commercials showing ripped models using the latest pill or exercise contraption without disclosing those “ripped models” were ripped BEFORE they were put int he commercial (or the fact those ripped models GOT RIPPED through a steady regime of diet and exercise), it’s no wonder teens expect fast results with little effort. And while the 90 days in P90X SEEMS fast in a program like P90X or P90X 2, 90 days is still three months– a quarter of a year and/or a whole winter, summer, spring or fall.

So the short answer is this: If you’re a teen looking to get fit, shed some pounds and gain some self-confidence, P90X can help you do it but you MUST understand it’s a process that will take dedication, a change in the way you eat and will not in a couple weeks. THIS is where it starts. Right now, with a decision to DO.

In the mean time, I’m Dan Vinton…If you need P90X  help OR coaching support, I’m ready and waiting to help you be your best

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