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Switch Coaches to Dan or Mari-Catherine










Already Have a Beachbody Coach but Would Like to Make Dan or Mari-Catherine Your New Coach? No worries- it happens and can be fixed quickly and easily. There’s simply three easy steps to follow:

Step One:

With the same email you use to sign into your Team Beachbody Account, copy/paste the script listed below in an email to . Replace the blank name and email fields with your name and personal email.

“Coach Relations:

My name is  (YOUR NAME) , my email is (YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS).  I would like to make a coach transfer from my current coach to DAN VINTON, Coach ID# 59203 at I’d like to have Dan as my NEW coach.  Please make the switch as soon as possible.  Please notify both me and Coach Dan when the transfer has been successfully completed.  Thank you!


Step Two:

Include (in the email’s CC: line) my email address ( in your email to make sure I receive a copy and am included in the conversation so I can follow up with Coach Relations if need be.

Step Three:

Wait. This is the easiest part– the switching process usually takes 12-24 hours on regular business days to take effect.  You’ll quickly hear from me or Mari-Catherine when things are all set!   

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