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Should You Avoid Carbs At Night?

There’s a hot-button debate that’s kind of come to the forefront of conversation now that Asylum has hit and recommends tapering carbs as you enter the later hours of the day. So here’s the question: Does eating carbs at night sabotage my weight loss goals and make me gain fat?

The prevailing wisdom is that your metabolism slows down as it’s needed less later in the day, so as your body won’t need carbs later, why add them if they’ll be stored as fat. I’ve been of the idea that it’s basically calories in, calories out (for the most part) as your body divides and partitions how your nutrition is stored. I ate full carbs for dinner virtually every night (in portion and in line with my P90X nutrition guide macronutrients) through my flabby-to-ripped transformation and, well, it didn’t make a bit of difference– I lost fat and continued to lose fat as I ate that way. I know others (ripped to the vein-popping extreme) who eat all their carbs at night after working out. I know others who taper their carbs and have had great results. These all point to one thing:

Calories. Taking in what your body uses.

In fact, recent research has showna trial group of obese individuals who moved their carb consumption toward dinner actually increased their fat loss over another group who spread their carbs across all their meals. That’s not to confuse but to really point out that focusing on your calories and macronutrients (fat/protein/carb) makes the overall difference.

So here’s my caveat: Different things work for different folks and you’re welcome to give it a shot to see how it goes for you but ultimately, it’s how much nutrition you take into your body by day that determines fat loss or gain– not necessarily timing it out. Going carbless at night may be something you want to try as you want to further refine your physique. You can easily find both sides of the spectrum that have equally great results. Your call.

As I always say– don’t overthink it. Do what works for you and I’m here if you need help sorting it all out with even more nutrition tips, help and personal support. Don’t guess. If you have questions, feel free to email me at or, for unlimited support, make me your coach right here. 

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  1. breakpoint says:

    Great article man! Shedded some needed light on carbs, and like you said, give it a shot and see what works!

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