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Shakeology– Not Only Delicious, But Game Changing

I’ve been an MRP (Meal Replacement Powder) guy since my days of “lifting for looks” in college. They’re easy, pack protein and other nutrients you need for a quick lunch/breakfast on the go. I’ve sampled powders with a mixed consistency ranging from rubber cement to straight water, from mediocre tasting to downright nasty (sorry, Myoplex). They filled their need but were all a lesser evil. Have you read their ingredients lists? Yikes! Most all MRPs are jammed with all kinds of chemical additives, exotic metals, artificial sweeteners and compounds that sound like they’d make prime ingredients for a nice engine degreaser. Nothing currently out there has been built to satisfy whole food nutrition until Beachbody’s breakthrough: Shakeology.

You’ll hear a lot about Shakeology on this site and for good reason. Of all the MRPs I’ve sampled over the years (and I’ve sampled everything), Shakeology beats the pants off everything currently out there. First, it’s MUCH more than a simple MRP. Taste, nutritional value and overall health benefits are absolutely ridiculous in the best way possible. Low in calories, low on the glycemic index (aka- doesn’t spike the fat storing sugar levels) high in fiber, digestive aids and exotic, rich, immunity-boosting ingredients like pomegranates, quinoa, chia and a host of cholesterol lowering nutrients, Shakeology is truly a game-changer. It can be mixed with anything and remain delicious– or made even better. Want more protein? Toss in your favorite whey. Need some more healthy fats? Peanut butter or almonds deliver a tasty wallop. Need to up some carbs? Pick your fruit and go crazy.

But don’t let my enthusiasm get in the way. Shakeology is truly turning heads among the (unpaid!) doctors who’ve researched and tried it:

If you’re not on Shakeology (we get two bags every month in our home– Greenberry and Chocolate), you’re missing out not on just a tasty and easy meal replacement, but in a real, nutritionally packed piece of nutrition that goes miles for your health, energy, immunity and cholesterol. Watch the video and prepare to be impressed. There’s no question I have. Shakeology is legit and then some.  Contact me for a sample and get started on replacing a mediocre meal of the day with the most delicious and hands down healthiest. 

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