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Revenge Is A Dish Best Served P90X

I’m not big into revenge and spite– I think they play to the worst in us where programs like P90X and Insanity inspire our best but I was thinking last night about all the people out there who are down– people whose self-esteem is doing laps in the port-a-pottie due to friends, break-ups, rejection in sports and goals they’ve fallen just short of.

Hopefully, that’s not you but if it is, here’s the deal: As anyone who’s tried and stuck to P90X knows– the program delivers results. Lean muscle, fat loss, athletic performance… the program asks you to “Bring It” and in exchange brings you a confidence party the likes of which you may have never known. For me, the highlight of coaching is receiving the email or phone call where someone has broken through a personal barrier– whether it’s a pound lost here, an extra pull up there or a pant-size smaller. It’s obvious they’re not the “I’m fat and can’t win” person they were just months before.  They’re changed.

Beginning, sticking with and achieving success with P90X or Insanity will show you the limits you’ve felt stuck in are simply the limits you’ve put on yourself and once you dedicate yourself, you can achieve. If that achievement is “making the team”, you can get there. If that achievement is to feel better about yourself (“How do you like me now?”) or to show others you CAN– it’s there for the taking.

So maybe “revenge” isn’t the best way to inspire committing to P90X beyond shutting the door on the “old you”– maybe a commitment to P90X is more about enabling. Enabling yourself to see you’re dedicated, driven and truly able to achieve any worthy goal you set out to obtain.

So hey– let’s (re) commit. If you’ve fallen short, what better way to build confidence and jump back on the wagon than serving up 90 days of results-assured P90X? When you come out the other side, bigger, better, faster stronger and all smiles– I’d say there isn’t.

To plug in, get some revenge on the “old you” and stay accountable along the way for awesome results, email me at or make me your free coach right here

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