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Results Frustration: “I’m “X” Weeks Into My Program And I Still Look The Same!”

If there’s one common point of frustration when it comes to fitness, it’s this: “I’ve been working out every day since I got my program. I’m now [2-6 weeks] into my program and I haven’t seen any change in my [weight, measurements, mirror]. I’m so frustrated I could eat my heart rate monitor!”

If you’re feeling this way, it’s OK. It’s a VERY common feeling. But it can also mean one thing: It’s time to be brutally honest with yourself.

Reality Check: Are Results Not Changing Because You’re Not Changing?

I don’t mean to sound mean, believe me. Everyone is different. In fact, when I started P90X, I felt the same way as well roughly 30 days in. I was frustrated! But at the same time I was DEDICATED. I was following the nutrition guide to the letter. I wasn’t going to let ME be the reason it didn’t- I just had to be patient.

When my first round of P90X was all said and done and I could look back on it and laugh at my paranoia and doubt, I kind of felt like those race cars at the race track: the ones where engines are roaring, they’re burning rubber and smoke’s billowing up all over the place… but they’re not going anywhere… until BAM. The green light goes and those cars accelerate to hundreds of miles per hour, speeding toward the finish line and finish with broken records and time to spare.

Sometimes it simply takes time to get up to speed, gain momentum and see change. If you’re doing everything right, and that’s the honesty check aspect, you have nothing to worry about.

But say you’ve finished your program and it didn’t end like that. Nothing changed. You can do more pushups, you can finish a round of Insanity without a break…. but you didn’t see results. Unless you’ve got a medical/physiological reason that prevented change, I’m going to say something you might not want to hear: You weren’t honest with yourself.

Still Seeing The Same Results? Time To Do What It Takes!

In most cases I’ve encountered where people aren’t seeing change, it boils down to what they are or aren’t eating. Nine times out of ten… you THINK you’re eating better, but you’re not eating enough. You THINK you’re eating “clean”, but you’re not eating the right things as laid out in your nutrition guide. You’re short-changing your nutrition because you don’t want to be bothered by tracking or trusting it.

Straight truth: You can not perform to your potential if you don’t eat enough. You will not see much change if any if you don’t eat enough. Doubly so if you don’t eat right.

If you’re at the point where you’re not seeing ANY change, I challenge you to take stock of what you’re doing. Commit right now to follow your nutrition guide to the letter. Commit to track your nutrition. If you’re thinking that sounds like a pain, realize this: if you want change (and this is a lifestyle change, after all), it’s time to get accurate and make some sacrifices to get to your goal.

Again, I don’t mean to sound like Mr. Cranky-Pants. I know every story has its own details. Just understand I’m being a little brash here because I want you to achieve results. And if you’re not seeing change, it’s time to do what it takes to get some. We can tweak, we can adjust… but let’s get STARTED and do this right.

You’ll be glad you did and let’s be honest… eating anything but your heart rate monitor is always a good start.

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