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Plug In and Stay Motivated With Others

Except for the few bearded hermits and anti-social Luddites out there, we (as in people) are pretty social creatures. Look no further than our love of lists and trends to find out why– we like doing what others do if and when it’s effective and/or entertaining. And that’s not to say we’re a bunch of sheep or followers but more to say there’s strength in numbers– even better, a shared social experience.

But before we get all sociological and your eyes glaze over and you skip this post I’ve tenderly put together, the point is this:

Islands Are Awesome… But You’re Not One.

Plug Into Community And See Motivation & Results

When it comes to getting committed, staying accountable and completing your fitness program, plugging in to communities of others doing the same is a huge help. I could spout off some statistic about how those who stay accountable with others are 30-some-odd-percent more successful in keeping to their program but that’s really the beauty of Challenge Groups, the Team Beachbody Community and my private Facebook Team Community: Fit Spot!

Now I know you may be reluctant or shy about jumping into a Facebook with a bunch of strangers… and you wouldn’t be the first. But let me assure you, something like Fit Spot! isn’t some meathead locker room filled with know-it-all fitness bullies and elitists– Fit Spot is a judgement free area full of support and accountability and, well… let’s just say there’s been a few who were a little reluctant at first but found the power and success in plugging in. Here’s a few examples from real-life people who’ve found the benefits of “plugging in”:

“Didn’t realize it, but [Fit Spot!] and real world info–even for folks that may think they can go it alone or that aren’t huge extrovert types– actually is helping keep me motivated and also looking longer term thinking beyond 90 days.”

— Chase G.

“Love the FitSpot! site on Facebook!”

— Krystin T.

“Thanks so much to you and your wife for all the inspiration! I am so happy and motivated to be a part of your group…  super motivating to see how everyone’s workouts are going”

— Lisa K.

“I love it, dont feel all alone anymore in this madness. Feel more accountable to more than just my guilty conscience. Very motivating.  Thanks for getting me involved with your group. I’m having a lot of fun!”

— Ken S.

See? It WORKS. Stop being a hermit and “going it alone”. There’s friends, support, real-time and real-world answers right here and in Fit Spot! waiting for you. There’s people out there only YOU can inspire and who may be a fit for inspiring you– who will not only cheer on your success but who you’ll find cheering on as well.

The time for dilly-dallying is over. We’re stronger together and the time for results is now! Plug in to Fit Spot! and real-world coaching right here.


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