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PAP Full Body: Post Activation Potentiation Total Body BONUS!

Don’t have enough PAP in your life? Sad that P90X2 only splits your PAP workouts into Upper and Lower? Want more burn and more reason to “Aaargh” through a few final, explosive reps? Well, dry those sweaty tears! P90X training coordinator, endurance athlete and all around cool guy Steve Edwards has introduced a “lost” P90X2-style PAP workout he’s designed for his own personal goals and generously shared it for all to enjoy.

Say hello to “Full Body PAP”… but first…

A Word/Reminder On P.A.P

P90X2’s PAP has had its fair share of coverage here at HDIGF. Whether the science behind Post-Activation Potentiation or the actual P90X2 PAP workouts themselves, it’s a pretty cool concept and one that’s important to understand or at least know “the method behind the madness” when you’re getting into the final Phase of P90X2’s 90 day training sequence. After all, as the oft-quoted Steve “P90X Training Coordinator Extraordinaire” notes:

“[PAP] isn’t a follow along cardio routine. You need to push yourself. And it’s not endurance work. You’ve got to go 100% on the explosive movements. 100, not 99. The difference between going 100% and 95% is massive. It’s not very hard to do a lateral skater in your comfort zone (or at a pace that you’d do for 20 or 30 reps). But it hard to go as hard, high, far, and fast as you possible can every single rep. That is the key. If you’re not going to do that then you might as well go do a Zumba class.”

If you’re wondering, that 100% looks kind of like this:

That’s P3 Pro-Sports level training as demonstrated by the NBA’s Jeremy “Human Pogo Stick” Evans. Incidentally you might notice a lot of his training moves ARE many of the PAP moves you’re familiar with in P90X2. Hmmm… there may just be something in that whole P90X2 thing after all…

Full Body PAP: The Warm-Up

If you’re familiar with X2, you’ll be familiar with these functional warm-up movements:

X2 Stability Ball Warm-Up:

Twist, Squat Overhead Reach, Overhead Side to Side, Lunge Overhead Reach, Loading Dock (Atlas)

X2 Floor Work Warm-Up:

World’s Greatest Stretch (3 each side), X2 Inch Worm (4), Scorpion, Fire Hydrant (From hands and knees lift leg (like a dog), extend leg backwards, back to start, repeat. Forward and backwards 10 each side), Groiners, Plank, Wall Angels (the alternate version of roller angels, back against wall).

Resistance Warm-Ups:

Calf raises (heels straight, in, and out: 10 each), Shoulder retractions 10 weighted, YT Fly 10 – 12/12 reps, Side/cross hops 30 seconds, Single Leg Squat- (support by holding a bar or chair) squat back and forth on each leg, extending the opposite leg straight.-12, Toe Raises – back flat on wall feet out in front raise toes 30 X.

Full Body PAP: The Workout

Complexes are groups of specific movements meant to be powered through in short order. They may not feel all that tough at first but if you’re doing them right, by the end of all complexes and coming back for a repeat, you’ll change your tune. Based on your ability, you can repeat these Complexes 2, 3  or 4 times. Is two gassing you out? Shoot for three in a week., etc. Thanks to Steve Edwards for putting this out there. Enjoy.

  • 5-8 Towel Pull-ups: (Weighted)
  • 6 Jump Pulls on Pull-up Bar ( Holding bar, jump as high as possible, hold high position for split second, release)
  • 15 Banana (supine) Pull Down

REPEAT 1, 2, or 3X

  • 6 Step Up Convicts (see X2- each leg with as much weight as you can)
  • 6 Split Squat Jumps
  • Heel slide (demonstration here) – 15 reps each side

REPEAT 1, 2, or 3X

  • 15 Pullovers on a stability ball (Lying on stability ball, arms straight, with weight in both hands. Pull weight over face and back)
  • 8 Med Ball Plyo “Push-ups” – (explode off/on a ball as fast as possible)
  • 30 second Fingertip Chaturanga Hold

REPEAT 1, 2, or 3X

  • 8 per leg One Leg squat reach
  • 6 Lateral Skaters
  • 30 seconds each side Side plank leg raise (see X2)

REPEAT 1, 2, or 3X

  • 8-10 Squat, Curl, Press (squat, curl with legs slightly bent, then push press to finish. Reverse in control)
  • 6-8 Ball Slams (Steve Notes: hold med/slam ball overhead, squat down slamming it to floor—make sure you can catch the rebound—bring back overhead with a jump. We wanted these in X2 but not practical in many homes. Sub reverse pike v-ups from X2 if these will break your floor cause rift with the neighbors.)
  • 3 each leg @ 20 seconds Bridge Leg Lift – 6 x 20 seconds on each leg 3 each

REPEAT 1, 2, or 3X

Obliterate. Improve. Master. Love it. Thanks again, Mr. Edwards!


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