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P90X3 Preview: P90X3 Questions Answered

P90X3 has a lot of people excited. And rightly so. P90X and P90X2 have delivered a lot of legitimate, life-changing results and with the promise of P90X3 delivering the same in 30 minutes? It’s like a dream come true.

The real revolution here is  P90X3 becoming efficient as science and physiology allows– making it as “easy” as possible to get P90X style results. But what’s P90X3 all about? Do you need to do P90X2 first? What’s P90X3 nutrition like? What’s new in the workouts? So many questions!

We’re here to answer all that anticipation and mystery today so let’s get to it:

P90X3 Preview Q&A

Q: What is P90X3?

P90X3 is an Excuse buster. It’s the P90X program that’s been developed to lay the smack down on the “I don’t have time”/”I can’t commit to 60 minutes a day for 90 days” excuse. It’s the anti-burnout X and with 20 workouts, it’s going for variety. But maybe the better question is… what ISN’T P90X3?

For starters, it’s not P90X. It’s not P90X2. At only 30 minutes per workout from start to stop (let the record show Tony fought for 40 minutes), P90X3 is its own thing. And while it does create new moves and focuses, it also uses old favorites from the “X” workout library in addition to some of Tony Horton’s personal workout favorites that haven’t been seen before.  Quite simply, P90X3 is P90X accelerated.

Q: What kind of results can P90X3 give me in 30 minutes?

Your results will depend on your adherence to the plan and “Bringing It” in the workouts. Of the 40 people in the P90X3 test group, 39 lost 10% or more of their body fat. The P90X3 results pictures speak for themselves. The program works- it’s your job to let it.

Q: How Can I get a body-changing workout in 30 minutes?

P90X3 is piggy-backing recent sports science research out of Denmark that indicates 30 minutes of exercise may be the sweet spot for weight loss and efficiency. T25 has shown how effective this can be- now it’s time to apply the Tony Horton “X” method.

P90X3-Accelerated.1Q: When will P90X3 be released?

P90X3 is scheduled for a December 10, 2013 launch. Just in time for the New Year/Christmas. Order through by December 31 and I’ll hook you up with a FREE P90X3 hat and bonus leg workout. Nice, non?

Q: How much will P90X3 cost?

P90X3 is being released ON SALE as a Challenge Pack for $180 (includes Shakeology). It’s also available in a few additional packages:

Base Kit (16 workouts):


Deluxe Kit (16 workouts + 3 additional Elite Workouts + tub of E & E and resistance bands:


Ultimate Kit (Deluxe Kit + Recovery Formula + Pull Up Bar + Chin Up Max + Jump Mat)


The Elite Workouts will also be sold separately.


Q: What is the P90X3 Nutrition Plan going to look like?

The P90X3 Nutrition program is coming full circle and focuses on “intuitive eating”. If you’re familiar with the Power 90 (P90) plan, it focused much more on the “easting clean food” approach than the very detailed, multi-track P90X nutrition approaches. At its core was a guide called “Michi’s Ladder“. P90X3 will be utilizing this approach as well in an effort to keep things simple. Of course, if you love tracking your calories, the nutrition guide caters to that as well.

Q: What are the workout track options in P90X3?

P90X3 uses the traditional tracks from the X series: Classic, Lean and Doubles BUT adds a fourth: Mass. That’s right. For all of us who’ve used P90X for mass in the past, P90X3 now has a track specifically for mass building! Heyoooooo! What makes P90X3 even more flexible is the Doubles Routine  “transforms” P90X into becomes a full hour if you feel you really need to get your hour in.

Q: What’s new in P90X3?

You’ll find an emphasis on Isometric Exercise in a few workouts, the addition of a Pilates (yes, Pilates) routine and a quite a few new “intensified” moves created by Tony Horton.

Q: How many different workouts are in P90X3?

The new program has a whopping 19 workouts if you go with the Deluxe Kit and 16 if you opt for the Basic.

1. Total Synergistics
2. The Challenge
3. Incinerator
4. The Warrior
5. Eccentric Upper
6. Eccentric Lower

1. Agility X
2. Triometrics
3. Decelerator

1. CVX
2. MMX
3. Accelerator

Core, Flex and Balance:
1. X3 Yoga (30 minutes!)
2. Pilates X
3. Isometrix
4. Dynamix

Q:  Does P90X3 have a warmup or cool down?

Yes! Kind of. Warmup and cool down are not included in the 30 minute workout. There will be an additional warm-up called “Cold Start” which will offer some warm-ups that aren’t included in the workout proper. Additionally, as with Focus T25, the cool down is broken out of the workout time and included as a separate set.

P90X3-AcceleratedQ: Do I have to do P90X2 to prep for P90X3?

No. P90X2 was developed as a follow-up to P90X. P90X3 was not developed as a follow-up to P90X2 but rather a chance to condense P90X into 30 minutes. You can start P90X3 as a fitness veteran OR a fitness beginner.

Q: Who is P90X3 for?

Those who want holistic, legitimate fitness in a 30 minute window. It’s for anyone with this idea in mind.

Q: Will there be P90X2’s foam rolling?

P90X3 does not include foam rolling… but if you’ve experienced foam rolling from P90X2, it’s probably something you’re not going to give up.

Q: What kind of equipment is required?

Bands and dumbbells at minimum. If you’re an X fan, you already have the equipment you’ll need (including a pull up bar- you didn’t think X3 wouldn’t include pull ups did you?)

Q: Does P90X3 have Yoga in it?

This is an “X” workout! Of course it does. But it’s only 30 minutes… which should have most of you crying with joy. Thank you, X3!


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