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P90X2 Demo… At Forbes?

With P90X2 on the launch pad, Tony Horton is making the rounds and drumming up bicep flexing, core-pounding excitement. That’s kind of a lost point around here because P90X2 giddiness has been at its peak for months. Still, I’m choosing to bring you the stuff I feel reveals cool details and whets your appetite… and the following clip definitely qualifies.

There’s not much more to say about P90X2 than I’ve said here, here , here and here but the following video (courtesy of a Tony Horton visit to Forbes magazine of all places– P90X2 is going for EVERY NICHE… EVER) gives you a pretty good range of of P90X2 moves and their focus on stability and core.

Check it out and practice it up and let me know how you do:

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