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P90X Recovery Formula Smackdown

There are plenty of reasons to become a Team Beachbody member but it’s gems like the following exchange found in the Team Beachbody Message Boards that keeps membership not only spicy but enlightening. If you’re not a Team Beachbody member, you’re missing out on stuff like this:

A Beachbody Member walks into a message board and asks why it seems Shaun T. doesn’t use the Recovery Formula.  Another dude chimes in immediately afterward and starts asking questions about Beachbody supplements and the legitimacy of Shakeology. A few people chime in and Dennis, the Beachbody resident nutritionist/Advice Staff Member comes to the defense.  Immediately afterward, Steve Edwards (the professional nutritionist/fitness designer who’s is part of the brain trust behind P90X and P90X 2– a guy I hold in very high regard) personally posts up and lays out a myriad of scientific studies on the effects of using a 4:1 Carb:Protein Recovery Formula and pacifies “Dude” without even addressing much by way of Shakeology.

The whole thread is a great exchange and while it touches briefly on Shakeology, what it nails home is the legitimacy of taking in the Recovery Formula. It’s nothing we haven’t covered here at HDIG but I love being right so there you go. It also goes to show why I put a lot of confidence in Beachbody supplements– specifically Shakeology and Recovery Formula.

As Steve mentions:

We’ve been spending a ton of money to have Shakeology tested to ensure that our ingredients are 100% and top of the heap of what is available. We are also being proactive about getting all of the certifications possible for safety and efficacy. As you may know the supplement industry is not highly regulated and we trying to improve/change this and lead new regulatory standards…

…For some strange reason we have taken all the science off of the Recovery Formula web page, which I’m sure is temporary (probably because we’ve been re-formulating–but we’re only making it more efficacious) because it’s very compelling.

Awesome. If you want more detail on why the Recovery Formula works and how Beachbody responds to incredulity and criticism, check the thread out here… it’s a great read. 

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