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P90X Certification Coming To HDIGF

Late last year, Beachbody announced the limited launch of P90X Certification– an official training program for P90X built to put a galvanized X on the understanding and training principles of the ridiculously popular and effective fitness program. Needless to say, I’ve been foaming at the mouth (in a sanitary way) at the prospect of getting in the door. As a guy who saw his body, fitness and opportunity changed through P90X, I’m kind of a big fan. It’s the program that inspired me into coaching, brought out my inner fitness geek and something I’ve been digging and dedicated to for the last three years.

A few weeks ago, Beachbody announced the invitation-only roll out of P90X certification and I was lucky enough to recieve one– I’ll be attending flagship launch of P90X Certification on March 17-18 of this year. Which is kinda crazy as that’s only a few weeks away. Either way, I’m incredibly stoked to have the opportunity as it includes intensive training on form and function from Tony “I Am P90X” Horton– better yet, P90X Certification training will allow me to serve better, sharpen the fitness sword and expand the reach of How Do I Get Fit. Needles to say, I’m excited at the extra benefit certification can bring you and this awesome team.

Here’s the official details:

The P90X Certification is real training that gives the opportunity to inspire, motivate and inspire others.

There are 2 phases:

P90X Qualification: An online training program that goes into all aspects of P90X including, the workouts, program and meal plan.

P90X Certification: Attend an intense 2-day, live training event to learn how to train people to do P90X safely and effectively in a group fitness setting.

And while we’re doing a lot of this here at HDIGF thanks to your trust and support, P90X certification can only enhance it. A huge thanks to you for the opportunity– Keep an eye out for more details in the coming weeks!

In the mean time, I’m Dan Vinton…If you’re looking for support with your home-based program, whether P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Turbofire or any other Beachbody program, I’m ready and waiting to join you in your to your life-changing best

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  1. Alan Fowler says:

    Outstanding news! Congrats!

  2. Harry Meggido says:

    They advertise this as you will be able to train in a gym setting. No gym in the right mind will 1) higher someone who is certified in p90X 2) higher someone who pushes for a competing product 3) just about anyone can learn p90x, the cues Tony Horton gives are very good. this certificate just sounds like another way to make money for beachbody and totally defeats the purpose of a home workout DVD. If you want to be certified, tried ACSM or NASM for a real fitness certificate.

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hi Harry– I appreciate your feedback! Of course, I universally and respectfully disagree on all counts. With the hundreds of thousands of dusty P90X copies shelved by folks who would benefit from P90X in a group fitness setting– and with a personal penchant for geekery over the ins and outs of this effective fitness/nutritionally holistic program– I see nothing but upside for “sharpening my sword” and helping others achieve their goals with P90X.

      Thanks for checking in with HDIGF.

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