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Nutritional Dents Vs. Running Your Car Off A Cliff

Pinterest is great. It’ll not only give 5 great tips on how to tie your hair in 5 different knots in under five seconds, it’ll also bake a mean casserole and put a motivational fitness meme (Kickstarter Mondays/Fire-It-UpFriday!) in front of your face when you need it most. That said, my Lady-Friend showed me a pretty awesome pin the other day. I can’t remember the nugget of wisdom exactly but to paraphrase it went a little something like this:

“Saying “Well, I messed up on my nutrition today so I might as well eat like crap the rest of the day” is like getting a dent in your car and saying, “oh well, I guess I’ll drive my car off a cliff.””

In other words the idea of piling six loads of crap on top of one when it comes to your eating makes no sense. But it’s a mentality we’ve all experienced before, isn’t it? You eat something (cookie, slice of pizza, etc.) that gives you guilt, isn’t “on the plan” and will therefore totally sabotage your goals. After a few mental lashings, you throw your hands up in the air and hit up Binge Town, USA… compounding the problem and doing more damage than the one mess-up really could ever cause. The next day you vow to get back on the wagon… but many times this is all where things go off the rails.

Repentance Eating- A Great Way To Hop On The Hamster Wheel Of Failure

My buddy calls the “binge-starve” cycle “Repentance Eating” because instead of just moving forward, you then swing the nutritional pendulum the other way and punish yourself with super-strictness beyond the reasonable… starving yourself or other behaviors which swing the pendulum back to binge town. It’s an ugly cycle and it’s time to break it. Like, a Bruce Lee karate chop to the neck style break it.

That “thing” you ate? The one that justified a day of crap? It won’t kill you. It may not even set you back if you– and here’s the kicker– surround it with continued clean eating. In other words, eat normal the next meal. Don’t throw it all away because that one meal is just a speed bump. A day of crapola on the other hand? That’s a freakin’ road block.

Look, perfection in diet is great. Many people do it and it is possible with dedication and preparation. You’ll avoid the mind games and roadblocks a mess-up can cause and can look back without any doubts on “what might have been if I’d just…”. That said, sometimes stuff happens. The silver lining on all that is the fact your body is an incredible machine that can compensate for screw-ups. It’s not a computer where one wrong line of code will break it.

In short, consistency in ANYTHING- good or bad eating, is where progress and failure add up.

So if you make a mistake… take a breath. Don’t panic. Make your next choice the right one and stay on track. You’ll feel better, your results will be better and you’ll be stronger on the other side without taking your nutritional car off the cliff. 

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