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Nutrition Guides- The Trick To Not Thinking Yourself Stupid

OK, so we’re pursuing fitness and nutrition and using the internet- aka the information fire hose – to help. Which is great because it brought you here (fist-bump-to-bro-hug from me to you) but can also be a little bit of a doubled edged cutting tool. To put it short and sweet, too much information can make you think yourself stupid– getting so much “Do this, don’t do that” built up that you begin spinning your wheels with nowhere to go. Or you end up like this guy. Ew.

OK, exploding ancient Chinese warriors aside, here’s what I mean: Whatever you want to learn (or not learn) is out there ready to be dished up and served with authority courtesy of the interwebs.  Just “Google” something like “Best workout” and you’ll get a batrillion (I made that up) results directing you to workout programs, workouts styles, top 15 lists and You Tube videos for the “BEST CHEST EXERCISE EVER OF ALL TIME ALWAYS”. Go further and search nutrition and you’ll come away more confused than when you started thanks to different nutrition styles and even the latest in research findings that inevitably contradict common knowledge or trends that were gospel five years ago. I mean, fats and Carbs are cool now, dincha know?

So what to do?

Open Your Nutrition Guide

If you’re on this site, chances are you’ve purchased, or are thinking of purchasing,  a Beachbody program like Les Mills Combat, Body Beast or P90X. Since that’s the case, you can forget all that other noise! Where there’s hundreds of shouting answers for every question when you search things out online, if you want to really keep your focus simple and in-line with your program goals, all you have to do is grab the noise-cancelling headphones of your program nutrition guide or fitness manual and read.

Here’s why:

Beachbody Nutrition Guides Are Written To Cut Through The Clutter

Beachbody nutrition guides are written to be understood. It’s true! The information is generalized and made accessible so you CAN understand it clearly and fold it into your new program and lifestyle changes. It’s written to be readable- this isn’t dry stuff. The guys (and gals) who put them together know their stuff. They’re also good writers so in most cases, it’s like you’re having a friend explain it all- not some robot.

Beachbody Nutrition Guides Are Designed FOR Your Specific Program

When Beachbody programs are designed, they’re tested, refined and the demands on participants are known. The nutrition guides reflect this process and deliver  information custom tailored to the needs of the program. Think Insanity looks like it has too many carbs compared to P90X’s Phase I? That’s because it’s a different program with different requirements for optimal results. Calories cutting and working out is easy, but eating right, enjoying it AND losing weight with a program? Even better.

So next time you’re thinking of punching up a question or trying to find the “next new thing” when it comes to optimizing your nutrition with your fitness goals, don’t confuse yourself. Stick with your program guide and trust it. They’re proven. They’re tested. They work.

Have Questions? Need clarification, support, accountability or help? Additional motivation and real-world support can also be found through making me (Dan V.) your Free Beachbody Coach. Let’s rock this. 


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  1. Carlos S. says:

    Well said, Dan. The nutrition guides that come with these programs are the goods. Everything you need to know about the nutrition aspect of the program is right there on your hands.

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