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No, Seriously…Trust Your Program

When it comes to your workout program, how many times have you read (or heard) me say “Trust the program!” A bazillion? Because that would be about accurate. I’m a BIG believer in taking a general blueprint approach to whatever program you’re working through, be it P90X, Body Beast, Les Mills Combat or Focus T25.

The programs are designed for success and the transformational fitness explosion of those who follow them. And yet, with everyone seemingly having heard fitness rumors, half-truths and out-right piles of crappy misinformation– not to mention the endless stream of “next best thing” or latest trend/way of eating… it’s not wonder people second guess themselves almost out of the gate.

To combat the effects of fitness information overload and subsequent doubt, I’ll  give you one piece of advice that if you stick to, will make things very, very simple:

When you make the investment in your program and kick it off… shut the door on any information source but your coach (if you have one) and the program and its nutritional/fitness guides and schedule.

That’s it.

Your program will guide you in the right direction. It was designed by people with decades of sports science, fitness nutrition and genius acumen behind it. Your program, while advertised flashy, isn’t some quick sell. It was established, periodized and tested rigorously. It WILL work- you just have to punch your excuses, self-doubt and apprehension in the face long enough to let it.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s an example of a trust the program doubter turned “believer”. Let her example help demolish yours (maybe even before yours begin):

“I completed T25 and was on the hunt for something challenging yet different, at least slightly. So I went with p90x2. I heard a lot of hype about how great it was and how hard too. It sounded like what I was looking for. But…. When as soon as I started Day One I was frustrated with how slow paced the workouts were [Edit: A common concern]. There seemed to be a lot of wasted time between exercises and multiple full on breaks. The muscle workout was good but I was missing the cardio portion. I stuck with the program as it is advised except for my last workout of week one.

When it was time to weigh in for the week I was expecting no change… But to my surprise I lost 2 lbs. I them decided to try really hard to trust the program. I am beyond satisfied with this!!!”

As I mentioned, everyone has doubts and there’s no doubt you will too. But again… TRUST THE PROGRAM. Commit to your workouts. Commit to your nutrition guide. Your guaranteed results (and stress levels) will thank you.

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  1. Carlos Alberto Sanabria says:

    Great advice, Dan! The programs work. PERIOD.

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