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Mixing It Up

One thing I appreciate about the P90X program is the fact it’s never been content to stick around and stagnate. What I mean is, instead of simply releasing P90X and calling it good, Tony Horton and Beachbody released P90X+, a new set of amped up, full body workouts to keep things moving after the first 90 days of the program are completed. If that weren’t enough, they kept cranking new workouts with the One on One series, which introduces even more new moves and workouts but keeps to the classic structure of the P90X program (3 resistance workouts, 3 cardio workouts per week, etc.).

Cynics might say new programs are a continuing cash grab but with new workouts and the ability to switch out days and mix them up with new moves instead of using the same routine over and over and over to point you quit the program out of sheer boredom and dread of monotony, I call it money well spent. And hey- just because you’re doing P90X or Insanity doesn’t mean other workouts are off the table. Want some cardio but don’t feel like plyo? Head out on the bike or go for a 5-mile run.

In short, I’m never bored– and when I go back to an original P90X workout, most of them feel new and challenging (Sorry, Kenpo). The best part is at $19 a pop you can afford to buy One on One workouts one at a time and add them to your library at your convenience– especially if you’re getting a 10% or 25% discount as a Team Beachbody Member or Coach. Here’s the skinny on the One on One programs which you can order here.


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  1. Ted Gore says:

    Love the one on one series!

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