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Mirror, Mirror… Amp Your P90X Workout or Insanity Motivation With, Well… YOU

You’ve got your tools: weights, bands, DVDs, push-up bars, supplements, focus and… mirror? Aside from serving as a launching pad for untold millions of unfortunate Facebook/MySpace/mobile upload camera phone pics (guilty), mirrors can be one of your biggest motivators to weight loss and progress.

To lay out some credit where credit’s due, Coach MC suggested I use the idea of getting a mirror up in your home gym for a post after she had an epiphany on how it’s helped her through her workouts and in reaching her goals… and she’s right. There’s a reason most gyms have a wall o’ mirrors along the weight rack and why you might catch a few people giving themselves the once, er… twice, er… thrice-over in them.

Here’s why:

Be Honest… Do I Look Awesome In This?

A mirror gives you an honest “third-party” assessment. Since we’ve only got a personal, “top down” perspective when it comes to eyeballing our visual progress (a huge reason for before and after pictures)– it’s easy to “get used to” subtle changes as they happen or fixating on one thing like, say, that “soft spot” under your belly button despite the fact you just added an extra bit of definition to your shoulder.

Since she inspired the post, here’s Coach MC’s take:

“I look at the mirror as a motivation…either I’m starting to look better so I push harder or I see trouble spots or want to get rid of “this and that” so I’ll push harder. I also suggest wearing less clothes in front of that mirror when you are working out…HUGE MOTIVATION. Take it all off, Baby! Okay, maybe not ALL off  but when you can see that six pack hiding right below the surface, you BRING IT BABY because you know it’s there and you want it SO BAD!”

Form & Technique

If you’re working to perfect your form and squeeze more out of your workout, adding a mirror to your workout room is a  great way to keep on track. Dogging it? Get those knees higher, straighten out that back, get your butt lower… you know the drill. The mirror can keep you honest with yourself amidst the “Oh it burns!” of a tough move.
Or as Coach MC says:

“Mirrors are AWESOME– they help with form becasue you can see when you are cheating. I can see if my booty just isn’t low enough and then I can dig deeper to get it down. I know…  who knew a mirror could do so much? LOVE IT!”

In our workout room, we use a full-body door mount mirror we bought for like, $5 at Wal-Mart. It’s cheap but it does the trick and as coach MC’s mentioned- has upped her game and keeps us both honest. In fact, it’s been a nice ego boost on weeks I thought I may not have cleared nutrition at 100%. So yeah–if you’re not using a mirror now, give it a try– your workout reflection is a tool that could change your game… and even better- it’s inspired by you.

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  1. Josh Spencer says:

    Haha gotta love the mirror bro! It was the reason I began P90X in the first place. Looked in the mirror and thought “Ughh, ok I need to change!”

  2. Danv says:

    So true, Brother. I had a line in here earlier where I noted mirrors are what got most of us on track int he first place– they’re totally P90X’s best friend… before AND after.

  3. Jim says:

    It’s not only mirrors, but cameras guys. The image in the mirror changes, but all those “before” pictures of us are still floating around out there somewhere.

  4. anne says:

    So true about the mirror… I now look and say, damn I look good, which encourages to continue.. Hey, I worked hard for it, so will make the most of it while I can.

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