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Lose Weight With “No Change In Lifestyle?” Eff That Noise!

You want to get me fired up quick? I’m not talking “Fire-It-Up” motivational radness… I’m talking about the kind of fired up where I’m shouting, smacking my forehead, rolling my eyes and wanting to shake people by their lapels PISSED.

The secret? Play me a radio ad for a diet pill or “weight loss plan” that makes it all sound easy and inevitably promises you’ll “lose weight with no change in your lifestyle.”

Really? REALLY?

No change in lifestyle? The lifestyle that got people so overweight they’re losing their health, their way of life and their self-esteem? That lifestyle?

Reality Check: It’s people’s lifestyles that are the freakin’ problem in the first place. It was my lifestyle that was bringing my blood pressure up. It was my lifestyle that was putting me on the track to diabetes. It was my lifestyle that had me ashamed to go swimming or wear a shirt that didn’t drown my jiggling gut and “Man-maries”. It was my lifestyle that made my Doctor say “You need to get active” and write me a prescription to “RUN WITH YOUR WIFE.”

Reality Check II: You’re not losing weight to simply fit in pant size smaller. You’re losing weight to SAVE YOUR LIFE and true, meaningful FAT LOSS is accomplished through… a change in the crappy lifestyle that got people there in the first place.

You know the old saying “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”? Well, it’s true.

To Change Your Weight and Fitness, You MUST Implement Change.

No change in lifestyle is simply not a change at all.

The fact this “make it sound easy and perpetuate the problem” bull**** exists is the reason I so adamantly choose to Coach. The fitness programs and nutritional approaches used by Beachbody REQUIRE change.

P90X, Insanity, Body Beast… they ALL REQUIRE us to get up off our lazy, excuse dropping and fat-padded a**es and DO SOMETHING to make lasting fat loss and healthy lifestyles happen.

That means working out. That means pushing your body to new phases of adaptability in which it will THRIVE. It means teaching you that giving up our food crutches (sweets, fast food, etc.) and dark closet face stuffing and the crap we consider “indulgence” is taking us away from the health and physique we really want.

Nothing is given beyond what you MUST do. Nothing is promised beyond what you’re willing to CHANGE. And that change? It’s in kicking the crap out of a self-defeating, fat-packing, health-corroding, lazy lifestyle.

So next time you hear a radio or TV ad about how a pill will let you enjoy your “current lifestyle”, join me in flipping it the bird because that pill and lazy promise is 100% crap.

You on the other hand? NOT CRAP. You’re worth every positive change a true change in lifestyle will bring and you’ll be all the better for it.

Time to get to work. Time to keep your journey going. Time for change.

Join me.

For questions or genuine help in choosing a program and MAKING CHANGE, email me here or Better yet, let’s get you the support you need through making me your Beachbody Coach right here. Niceness and less rant guaranteed.  

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