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Invest In A Change

Lately I’ve been hearing these radio ads with people griping about how “no diet has ever worked” and “this diet was too hard”– of course, all the ads point to an “easy” solution to lose weight which always leaves me rolling my eyes, gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles and crying out, “You weren’t being honest with yourself, Radio Guy/Girl! You don’t need no diet– you need to shift your lazy paradigm!!!”

I then go home and do three rounds of Asylum Vertical Plyo back to back to back until I’m broke down and can’t think about anything but how I’m going to get up, let alone walk upstairs. OK, not really.

But here’s where I get annoyed at these smooth-voiced spots: Most “diets” and “magic pills” don’t work because they’re a load of unsustainable crap and most people are looking for a quick fix without changing much at all. When Mr. Unsustainable and Ms. Quick Fix hook up, they almost always end up with a baby called “Failure”.

Investment- Getting Some Skin In The Game

So after some introspection on why these commercials had me mentally wringing my hands, I had a “WALLA!” moment and it stems from this: I’m frequently asked how to dial in nutrition to shred fat and get ripped quickly. It’s usually spoken in the same sentence as “commitment” and “Seeing this through”.

Which is AWESOME! I’m excited! They’re excited! We’re gonna do this!

Weeeeeell, until a few times when the recommendations or suggestions on how to dial it in with tools like Shakeology are given. Then it’s radio silence. That or the radio cues up for “Top 40 Excuse Countdown”. Either way it’s a sad face for this guy. But I don’t say that to be harsh or grumpy- I realize there’s things that are uncomfortable… IE- change we’re reluctant to make because we don’t see the value in it it RIGHT NOW.

But I’m here telling you– there’s value in making an investment in YOU because…

TRUTH: There is no “easy way”. But getting some investment- some skin in the game– is a great way to stay motivated. After all, change is always a challenge at some level and fact is, when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy and changing your body, ALL roads must lead to a change in what you’re currently doing. And first stop on that road? An end to looking for quick fixes to current bad habits and a new start with some investment in yourself.

Shakeology As An Investment

When you kick off your program, you’re making a few levels of investment. There’s the mental investment, there’s the investment in the program you’re using and there’s an investment in your nutrition. And, as I recommend there are some nutritional investments that can make the journey to your goals a little more streamlined.

Story time!

Two years ago, I invested in Shakeology. I didn’t use it for the first year because I didn’t see the value and because of price. But as time went on and I began understanding more about nutrition, I began to see it might be worth every penny as it wasn’t all filler and weird ingredients and crap my body didn’t need in attempts to make it drinkable.

Was Shakeology expensive at first blush? Sure, it was– but taken at a 30 day breakdown I made it work for my budget (which was actually pretty easy as the math works out perfectly or better in most cases) because I knew what it gave: a genuine, real-food based, portable, easy way to get the results I wanted. And it delivered. Tony Horton (with a little salesmanship, I might add) makes a point:

I don’t recommend Shakeology for any other reason than it’s awesome, I believe in it after a lot of background checking and I used it to get results. It’s the real deal. It worked for me and has been part of my nutritional arsenal for at least two years now. It’s worked for others (legitimately).

Shakeology, as PART of a nutritional approach, takes guesswork out of the equation– at the very least allowing you to cross one “what am I going to eat for breakfast or lunch?” off your to do list.  Shakeology is an enabler- a tool that helps you do the job you’ve set out to do. I wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t and I say this because I KNOW you want results and I know Shakeology can help.

Make an investment in yourself with Shakeology as a tool in your arsenal toward a healthier, more fit you. Change your thought process on “diet”– Shakeology makes it easier.

After all, a diet of crap will yield crap. A diet of pills will yield a bunch of bottles you don’t need. But a nutrition approach of clean eating and real food as helped by Shakeology? Yup. THAT kind of investment will yield the results you want.

Success grows like a weed with investment and support– stay on track and receive personal tips and advice by adding me as your free coach and mentor right here. 


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