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Introducing “Dan V’s Fit Spot” Facebook Group

Accountability, Interaction, Motivation, Education… Email is cool and all but sometimes we need to get a little more personal to stay on track and excel.  Say hello to the Facebook exclusive Dan V.’s Fit Spot!.

So what’s this Fit Spot thing?

Here it is: Dan V.’s Fit Spot is a private Facebook group I’ve created for those I personally coach. Coaching is totally free and signing up allows me (and Coach Mari-Catherine to boot) to answer your questions on a much more personal, real-time and interactive level. The group enables “You-Tailored” tips, advice, updates and advice while helping you stay on the right track so you WILL see the best results possible or, at the least, have a group of like-minded Team Members to bounce ideas around with. That’s a lot right there, but the best part is being able to interact with others on the same trajectory at your convenience. This HDIGF exclusive group provides you with a buddy-system and best of all– accountability and motivation. Want to get the best results possible?  Join the team!

HOW TO JOIN Dan’s Fit Spot, HDIGF’s private Facebook Coaching Group:

Please note: this Facebook coaching page is only accessible with a personal invitation. For convenience and keeping the Team unified, Fit Spot! is for those I coach. If I’m not your free Coach and would like to hop on board, below are the two ways you can do so:

>>> Make me your FREE Official Beachbody Coach by clicking here.

>>> Already have a coach but want to SWITCH to me?  Click here.

Making one of us your coach takes only minutes, is completely free –I may be partial here– and totally worth it.

>>> Once I’m your coach, add me on Facebook by clicking here!

After I’ve been assigned as your coach and we’re linked up on Facebook, I’ll personally add you to Dan V.’s Fit Spot! so you can begin interacting with me, Mari-Catherine and others who are after life-changing fitness results with Beachbody Fitness programs… just like you. 

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  1. Leland says:

    The question is why wouldn’t someone want to join this? All around good info and free support and motivation. Catchy name!

  2. Danv says:

    Thanks, Leland! Plugging in and staying accountable is the secret sauce to success.

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